While you may be surprised something like this happened, I’m more surprised that something like this doesn’t happen more often. Then again, maybe this does happen more often. Maybe it’s just not reported as frequently. This being so easy to do, in addition to most people being very lax and naive about security, seems to me to add up to this type of lick being carried out on a regular. Maybe I’m wrong. Either way, a man in Omaha Nebraska has just been slapped with a 20-40 year prison sentence for setting up seven armed robberies of men who thought they were about to meet the woman of their dreams that they’d been communicating with on a dating app.




The Associated Press (@AP) reports, court records say 20-year old Jordan Kellogg was sentenced on Monday in Douglas County District Court. He pleaded no contest to four counts of robbery. Prosecutors dropped three more counts and one attempted robbery in exchange for the plea deal.




Police say Kellogg had at least two accomplices during each robbery. The robbers posed as women online and arranged dates the same day they started talking to the victims. One of Kellogg’s accomplices, Janonta Liggins is currently awaiting trial. Liggins pleaded guilty to two counts of robbery and three weapons counts. He’s surely looking at a long prison sentence too.




Kellogg and his accomplices are clearly guilty of wrongdoings, and should be punished accordingly. I don’t dispute that. But as adults we have a responsibility to protect ourselves from possible dangers and threats. While the report doesn’t say where the meetings took place after they were arranged, I’m guessing it was at a motel or some other secluded place, if the robbers planned on hitting the lick and getting away clean. If a person was so pressed to meet someone in person that they’ve been chatting with online for less than a day, why not take the precaution to meet in a public place? While that doesn’t guarantee safety, it does hopefully cut down on the risk a little bit right? Maybe not. But like I said, the way people move about with no care or regard for their personal safety (men and women), I’m surprised that this type of thing doesn’t happen more often.


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