Emory Ellis, a homeless man living on the streets of Boston, went to Burger King to get something to eat on a cold November morning back in 2015. Ellis ordered his food and paid for it with cash money like most customers do. Instead of treating the man like a customer and thanking him for patronizing their establishment, Burger King employees treated the man like a criminal. They had him arrested. Burger king employees wrongfully accused Ellis of paying for his food with a counterfeit $10 bill. The mistake….or false accusation caused Emory Ellis three months of his life. That’s how long he spent in jail on bogus charges. Ellis paid his money that morning, now it’s time for Burger King to pay……

emory ellis




Time Magazine (@TIME) reports, Ellis is suing Burger King for nearly $1 million. Ellis’ lawyer says the homeless black man was discriminated against because of his appearance. Ellis’ attorney said the cashier likely wouldn’t have questioned if the money was real if a white man in a suit had handed him the same bill. Even if he did, the cashier probably would have apologized and said he couldn’t accept the cash instead of calling the police.




“A person like me would’ve gotten an apology, but a person like Emory somehow finds his way in handcuffs for trying to pay for his breakfast with real money.” Ellis’ attorney Justin Dreschler said in a statement.




Ellis is seeking $950,000 in his lawsuit against the fast-food chain. Ellis was arrested in November of 2015 and charged with forgery of a bank note. Ellis was on probation at the time of his wrongful arrest, so he was not eligible for bail until he was granted a probation hearing, which usually takes months. Ellis wasn’t released until February of 2016 after the bill in question was sent to the Secret Service to be examined as evidence. The Secret Service determined that the bill was real.




“Nobody deserves to be treated the way Emory was treated.” Dreschler said.

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