It’s been a pretty rough year for ESPN’s Jemele Hill. After Hill called out Donald Trump’s racist actions for what they were….”racist.” The ESPN host was villainized by avid Trump supporters. Her Twitter was filled with racist comments and race-filled name calling that her employers seemed to find a way not to take notice of. Shortly afterward, Hill was suspended by the network. She made her return to the SportsCenter “The Six” show she co-hosted with Michael Smith a short time later. Hill decided to leave the show. A move that her attackers took as a firing. Once again, Hill was attacked and mocked by the same people. Once again, Hill handled the situation with class…..well as much as can be expected when constantly under attack. Don’t get it twisted, Hill is known to “clap back” at her MAGA haters on occasion. Hill made a turn away from full-time on-air personality, and made a return to her roots. Writing. Writing about stories that mattered to the black community. The kind of stories most people wouldn’t dare attempt to touch. Today, someone besides myself took notice of Hill’s perseverance and commitment to speaking out against injustices against the African-American community, even in the face of what I consider, “unfair treatment by the company that’s supposed to have your back.”




Sports Illustrated (@SI) reports, Hill was named Journalist Of The Year by the NABJ (National Association Of Black Journalist). The honor is awarded to someone who has “amassed a distinguishing body of work with extraordinary depth, scope, and significance to the people of the African Diaspora.”



Congratulations Jemele! Well deserved. Hill and Smith have long been two of my favorite on-air personalities over at ESPN. Hopefully the two will reunite for a new “His & Hers” type of show……hopefully at a network that has the balls to stand up for their peoples when the time for it comes.

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