News flash: The Celtics are a very good team even without Kyrie Irving and Gordon Hayward. I’m sure I’m not telling you anything that you didn’t already know….but damn! The Celtics are a really good team, even without a big name being on the roster.




Boston handed the 76ers a 117-101 loss last night in a game whose final score may make you think that the game was closer than it really was. The game wasn’t a blowout all the way through. The 76ers cut into Boston’s lead time and time again, but even still, it always felt like the Celtics were in control of the game last night. It was just an all around ugly night for the 76ers. Brett Brown is going to need to come up with a better answer for containing Terry Rozier than to have Robert Covington trying to guard him. That sh*t ain’t work last night, and it’s not going to work moving forward. Rozier is too fast, too nice with the ball in his hands, and too good of a shooter inside and out, to even think about trying to have Covington guard him. Coach Brown needs to come up with an answer for Rozier before this gets out of hand. On the bright side…..the 76ers missed a lot of shots that they usually make in last night’s game. I doubt that will happen two games in a row. Also, rookie (yes he’s technically still a rookie!)  sensation Ben Simmons had an off night. I doubt that will happen two games in a row too. This series will not be a sweep. Look out for an all-out, drag-out, old-fashioned Philly-Beantown 7-game brawl! Check out the highlights (or low-lights if you’re a 76ers fan) below:



Video Courtesy: Motion Station


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