“Bodies were literally stacked on top of each other. I just saw three dead on the sidewalk outside of my unit. One guy is still alive and breathing, but just barely.”




Was what an unidentified inmate at the prison told the Associated Press in the aftermath of a prison riot in South Carolina. The inmate corresponded with The AP via cell phone text messages. An item that is considered contraband in prisons.




The New York Daily News (@NYDaily news) reports, At least seven inmates have been beaten, stabbed, and slashed to death in a non-stop riot at the Lee Correctional Institution in Bishopville, South Carolina. The fights reportedly lasted for more than eight hours. 17 other inmates were injured and needed outside medical attention after the riots that started around 7:15 pm on Sunday evening, according to department officials.




Lee County Coroner, Larry Logan said some of the inmates died from slashing or stab wounds. Others were possibly beaten to death. Later autopsy results confirmed what the County Coroner suspected. The victims were identified as: Eddie Gaskins, 32; Joshua Jenkins, 33; Cornelius McClary, 33; Michael Milledge, 44; Damonte Rivera, 24; Corey Scott, 36; and Raymond Scott, 28.




Lee Correctional Institution houses around 1600 inmates. The men’s prison has a violent history that goes back some years. One inmate killed another in February of this year. Two officers were stabbed at the facility back in 2015.

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