The turn-up may have been a little too real down in Miami beach the other night. Somebody thought that it would be a good idea to have a woman ride in on a horse onto a crowded dance floor. Maybe they thought it would be funny. Clearly, Miami city officials did not. The day after the “horse turn-up” city officials showed up at the club to shut it down. They also opened up an investigation into the club’s owner for a possible case of animal abuse.




The New York Times (@NYTimes) reported, Miami Mayor Dan Gelber had a few words for the club owner and its patrons who may have found the show enjoyable




“This morning we heard about and saw an extremely troubling video of what can only be described as insane stupidity. It was dangerous to this animal, it was dangerous to the public, it was inhumane. It wasn’t silly or sophomoric. It was outrageous.”




The order issued to Mokai Lounge, says the horse was paraded around the venue sometime Wednesday night or Thursday morning. The city order says the footage shows that the horse was scared and concludes that the situation was an “actual threat” to public health and safety. Enough to warrant the revocation of the lounge’s business license.




Video courtesy: ABC Action News

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