Larry Nassar is going to a max-security prison facility. I was of the thinking that Nassar’s lack of a prior criminal record would likely get him sent to a low or medium custody facility to serve out his 60-year federal prison sentence. I was wrong. The nature of Nassar’s crimes were enough to get him sent to a max-custody facility. There’s a huge difference between a low custody and max custody prison, as Nassar will quickly find out. Not just in the security of the prison (two man cells as opposed to open dorms in low custody facilities), also in the level of violent crimes other inmates at the facility are likely there for. Nine times out of ten, this is going to be a very long and rough sixty years for Nassar. Maybe not though.




NBC News (@NBCNews) reports, Nassar has been transferred to a maximum-security federal prison that offers a sex-offender program, the Bureau Of Prisons website shows. Nassar started serving a 60-year prison sentence for possession of child pornography at the U.S penitentiary in Tucson, Arizona. In the unlikely event he outlasts that sentence, Nassar would be transferred to Michigan to begin serving two 40-year state sentences for the sexual abuse of 10 girls.




USP Tucson is part of the system’s Sex Offender Management Program, which means it has a higher proportion of sex-offenders on site and also offers treatment.




The reason I stated that Nassar may not have a hard time at it at his new prison, is because of the prison he has been sent to. An inmate coming into a prison with the type of crimes Nassar has been convicted of would be a target from the moment he steps through the door. Inmates gain reputation points just from causing harm to an inmate with sex crimes against children, in some cases, sex crimes period. Being sent to a prison that caters to inmates with the same charges as Nassar’s may save him from this fate/punishment. Nassar’s sex crimes against children are likely not even in the top 10 of the worst sex crimes committed against children at this facility. If he plays his cards right, he may be able to simply blend in with the crowd, even with the high-profile of his case. Then again…..maybe not. Things have a strange way of happening in the blink of an eye in prisons. Especially at max-custody prisons.

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