Sherra Wright, ex-wife of  murdered, former NBA player Lorenzen Wright, has been arrested in connection with Mr. Wright’s 2010 murder. Mrs. Wright was arrested in Riverdale, California on Friday night. Her arrest comes more than seven years after her ex-husband’s body was found decomposing in a Tennessee suburb.




The New York Daily News (@nydailynews) reports, Lorenzen’s mother confirmed that police had informed her that Sherra will be facing murder charges. This comes after Billy Turner, a Deacon at the church Lorenzen and Sherra attended, was arrested and charged with first degree murder in Lorenzen’s death on Tuesday. Turner pled guilty and more than likely led police to Sherra who is suspected of orchestrating her ex-husband’s murder.




Lorenzen Wright’s murder was one of the highest profile cold cases in Memphis for years. That was until investigators found the murder weapon in Mississippi last month. Lorenzen was last seen on July 18, 2010 as he was leaving his ex-wife’s home. In the early morning hours of July 19th, a police dispatcher in the Tennessee suburb of Germantown received a call from Lorenzen’s cell phone. Dispatchers acknowledged they heard noises that sounded like gunshots before the call dropped. Dispatchers didn’t alert patrol officers or their commanders because they couldn’t confirm that the call came from their jurisdiction.  They didn’t relay the information to their superiors until days later, when a patrol officer was finally sent out to the location. Lorenzen’s mother filed a missing person’s report on July 22, 2010. Authorities were accused of dragging their feet when the report was filed. A lack of communication between the Germantown police, where Lorenzen’s call had been placed, and the Collierville police, where Lorenzen’s mother had filed the missing person’s report, allowed the call and the report of a missing person not to be immediately linked. Wright’s decomposed body was found in the woods, at the height of the summer, with bullet fragments in his skull, chest, and right forearm. Investigators believe Lorenzen’s body had likely decomposed quickly from the summer heat. This caused any evidence to be deteriorated.




Sherra divorced Lorenzen months before he was murdered. She hadn’t held a job in 17 years and was $3 million dollars in debt, Sherra’s divorce attorney Gail Mathes said. Mathes said that Sherra “didn’t have any motive to kill because he had no money.” But Lorenzen’s mother believes her son’s murder was motivated by a $1 million life insurance policy.





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