Pressure burst pipes. Especially when the federal government are the people applying the pressure. For months, the question of, is Michael Flynn cooperating with Robert Mueller and federal investigators has been hanging in the air. It always seemed like a logical conclusion. According to reports, nobody may be in deeper sh*t than Mike Flynn. It has even been reported that Flynn has been caught up in a “kidnapping for profit” plot. Flynn is likely facing a mountain of charges, for a variety of crimes he committed….foreign and domestic. The case against Mike Flynn is probably rock-solid too, including witnesses who are willing to testify against him. Flynn probably only has one logical way out of the mess he finds himself in, and that’s to flip on Trump and the rest of the band of grifters currently occupying the White House. Every time it has been looking like Flynn would do so, there’s been a story released explaining why he hasn’t, and probably won’t. Then came the news that Flynn’s son might be in deep sh*t right along with his dad. That conversation seemed to change the narrative. Reports were released that Flynn was looking to cut a deal in order to save his son. Those reports were quickly shot down as rumors, and it was back to Flynn is not cooperating with Mueller and he will not be testifying against Trump. But, something happened. And no matter how much Trump’s lawyers try to spin it in other ways, there seems to only be one logical conclusion. Robert Mueller has finally managed to flip Michael Flynn.




USA Today (@USATODAY) reports, lawyers for Michael Flynn have informed President Trump’s legal team that they can no longer share information about special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian election interference, a possible sign that Trump’s former National Security Adviser is cooperating with federal investigators. A Trump administration official, speaking on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the ongoing investigation, confirmed that Flynn’s lawyers have stopped sharing information with Trump’s team, but described the move as routine and said that it would not affect the president.




The New York Times (@NYTimes), which first reported the development on Thursday, said the cease in contact between the lawyers could signal a move by Flynn to cooperate with the Russia investigation or negotiate a deal for himself.

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