Up is down. Left is right. Near is far. What the hell is going on over at Fox News? Today (Tuesday November 14), Shep Smith took to the air and poked holes all in the Clinton/Uranium One scandal. This had to be something that Shep Smith told none of his supervisors about. The Uranium One conspiracy was the one shred of hope that pro-Trump enthusiast were hanging onto. I never got how that conspiracy justified Trump’s innocence to them, but it is what it is, I guess. The truth is, one person being guilty of something does not mean that another person is not guilty of something else. But anyway, almost every show on Fox News has been turning to the Uranium One conspiracy as their go to topic whenever things were going bad for the Trump administration. They went hard on the conspiracy theory when the Manafort/Gates indictments were unsealed. They went hard on the conspiracy theory when it was revealed that George Papodopulos was going to be a cooperating witness. And they went triple hard on the conspiracy theory when it was revealed that Donald Trump Jr. had been going back and forth with WikiLeaks about obtaining some stolen Hilary Clinton emails during the presidential campaign. Uranium One seemed to be the network’s go to line whenever there was a Trump-related scandal of some kind going on. (which has been almost every day since Trump took office) Surely, the network had no knowledge that one of their anchor-people were going to go on  air and “air out” their favorite conspiracy theory as being false. Without the Uranium One conspiracy theory, the network can’t do what it does best. Blame someone else for Republican shortcomings. Shep Smith is probably on the chopping block after having the nerve to go on air and tell the truth to a viewership who wants to hear anything but the truth. But, if Shep Smith is on his way out the door, at least he went out with a bang. Check out Smith dismantle the Uranium One deal below:




Video courtesy: UsaNewz/ Fox News/ Youtube




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