Welcome 2 Tha’ Terrordome


The red faced corrections officer yelled as he tried to talk loud enough to have his voice heard over all of the loud talking and laughing. He turned redder as he realized that even yelling as loud as he could was no use. No one was paying him any mind. Damn near everyone here already knew the drill. He shook his head as he walked away.

“Fucking losers!”

Not everyone down here in the Receiving and Discharge area of the county jail was ignoring the c/o. Thomas Everett Tucker stood up against the wall with all of the other new arrivals to the jail and listened intently to every word the correctional officer had just said. Thomas was a little different than most of the other new arrivals who were lined up against the wall with him. Most of those guys looked like veterans to the system. Thomas on the other hand, was as green as they came. Hell, Thomas had been green practically everywhere he went. Sometimes Thomas acted like he wasn’t even from earth. Everything seemed to be something that was new and unfamiliar to him. Every single little ass thing. It was kind of weird. Thomas was kind of fuckin’ weird too. Not weird looking, just…… fuckin’ weird. You’ll see what I’m talking about a little later on. Anyway, Thomas looked all around him as the line leading to the white tape and “the window” slowly moved. Everybody looked so happy to be here. People were laughing, talking loudly, and pretty much seemed to be enjoying themselves. It was hard to tell if being locked up was a thing to celebrate or a thing to grieve over. Thomas couldn’t understand this. He was only in the intake and processing process and this was already the worst place that he could remember being at in his life. He could only imagine what the rest of the jail must be like. How in the hell could people be in a place like this and seem so happy to be here? This thing right here was a totally unfamiliar atmosphere to Tommy. He’d never been, or even dreamed that he’d find himself on this side of the law. Tommy had been on the other side though……barely. Before the events that bought him here transpired, Tommy had been working as a police dispatch officer for the 25th police district in North Philadelphia. Tommy was a law abiding citizen, but that didn’t mean that he looked down on those who weren’t. Tommy was the type that believed that there were different strokes for different folks. He made it his business to not give a fuck about other people’s. Tommy had always been more concerned with what he had going on. Which wasn’t much. Outside of working Tommy really had no life at all. Tommy wasn’t living, he was merely existing. Tommy had no friends, no social life, and no love interest on the horizon a year ago. Tommy’s only pleasure of any type was internet porn and web cam models. The latter was the main reason why Tommy still lived in a studio apartment on top of a convenience store on 6th & Spring Garden Street in North Philly. With Tommy’s normal salary plus his frequent nights of overtime and double shifts, Tommy could’ve easily saved up enough money to put a down payment on a nice house in six months time or less. I said COULD’VE. The reason he could never do so was because so much of his money went to paying the cam girls to see them take their clothes off and sometimes chat with him online. Tommy was really hooked on that web cam shit. Which was kind of weird if you thought about it, because he didn’t do nothing but go whack off after giving the cam girls hundreds of dollars every night. He could’ve saved his hundreds, watched some free porn, and had the same outcome later, for a whole lot less. Not judging, I’m just saying. Anyway, the web caming may have been the reason that Tommy couldn’t save much money but, his life really took a strange turn one night while he was on Instagram fishing. Tommy ran across a chick with the user name of Ms_Pebblely_Pooh. Tommy was instantly infatuated. He was in love with her the first time he laid eyes on her. Tommy wasn’t sure if her name was actually Pebbles or something that was somewhat close to her user name, but Tommy guessed that her name might be Pebbles, so Pebbles was the name that he used to go along with the image of her face when he played whack-a-mole every night. Tommy’s life was turned upside down on what seemed like a normal Tuesday night. Tommy was on Instagram leaving long paragraphs under every picture that Ms_Pebblely_Pooh posted as usual. The strange part was when Ms.Pebblely_Pooh asked Tommy to send her a direct message so that they might get to know each other. Tommy was shocked and nervous. To him, chatting with Ms.Pebblely_Pooh via direct message meant that there had to be something about him that stood out to her from the rest of the 1000’s of other dudes commenting on every one of her pictures. To Tommy, this felt like getting close to someone famous who you’d admired from afar, but never actually expected to ever meet in person. Like your favorite singer, rapper, actor, actress, athlete etc…etc…etc… In other words, this was BIG… Tommy. Tommy and Ms.Pebblely_Pooh chatted via direct message for maybe six or seven messages that first night. Tommy’s heart pounded like it was about to pop out of his chest every time he asked her a question and awaited her response. Even though they only exchanged seven messages that first contact by DM, Tommy felt that he had learned a whole lot about Ms_Pebblely_Pooh. The two most important things that Tommy took away from the exchange of direct messages were (1) She was from Philly, just like him. And (2) her name was actually close to the name she used in her profile. Tommy would later find out that her real name was Shaneka Davis A.K.A Pebbles.

Before I can go any further into this story about Tommy, I have to go backwards. This story started way before Tommy. This story can’t be told without telling you a little about Pebbles…….


Pebbles was born and raised in the Mt. Airy section of Philadelphia. Her parents were what was considered “middle class” at the time. Not rich, but not struggling either. Pebbles never wanted for anything. She was the youngest of four siblings and probably the most spoiled. Pebbles loved school. She graduated from Central High School near the top of her class. Pebbles went off to college after graduating high school. Unlike most kids from the inner-city, Pebbles didn’t have the burden of having to worry about paying back student loans in the future. Her education was fully paid for by her parents who had the foresight to start saving for their child’s college education the moment Pebbles’ mother found out that she was pregnant with Pebbles. Pebbles went to St. Joes University. This was Pebbles first taste of adulthood and making adult decisions for herself without her parents looking over her shoulder at every turn. Surprisingly, Pebbles didn’t take the opportunity to run wild and party. Pebbles had her eye on the prize. She wanted to graduate college and make something of herself. Pebbles had one steady boyfriend in her first year of college, and she barely had time for him. She had to break up with him right after her freshman year because spending time with him was getting in the way of her studies. Pebbles and her boyfriend still saw each other regularly, and everyone just assumed that they were still together. Things didn’t start to get crazy for Pebbles until she was in her final year of college. That was when the word started to spread around campus that she wasn’t with her very popular boyfriend anymore. Pebbles was a beautiful chick. Like drop dead gorgeous kind of beautiful. Pebbles sported beautiful brown bedroom eyes, and a pair of long legs that seemed to never end, holding up her 5’8″ slender frame, to go along with her 35-25-37 body measurements. Pebbles was a dime in the looks and body department, flat out. Pebbles was pretty smart as far as the book shit went, but if there were grades for life experience smarts, Pebbles would be a “D” student who was leaning closer to the “F” side than the “C” side. Pebbles had been sheltered most of her life. She didn’t really know shit about shit. She was even somewhat sheltered when she was still with her boyfriend. He managed to keep the wolves away. That was then. Now, word had spread that they were broken up, and pretty, naive Pebbles had suddenly become fair game for the campus wolves. That situation, added on to the fact that Pebbles was such a nice person that she had trouble saying no to people because she didn’t want to be looked at as being “mean”, equaled up to a bad scenario for Pebbles. The first guy to approach her after her break up with her college love became official was a dude named Alvin. Alvin was a low- budget, Joe Budden look-alike who was a suburbanite to the core. You couldn’t tell Alvin that though. All of the gangster movies he’d watched and the gangster rap that Alvin listened to in his lifetime had caused him to believe that this type of shit was really his life. Even though Alvin had never actually done anything illegal in his life, besides stealing a pair of very expensive cuff links from a high end retail store once. Even that small crime had scared his bitch ass half to death. Regardless, Alvin thought that he was a gangsta from the hood, and he carried himself in such a manner. From the clothes, to the talk, all the way down to the posse of 10 other “wanksters” he rolled with around campus on a daily basis. Alvin first approached Pebbles when she was in her senior year of college, as she was leaving the library, and in a rush to get back to her dorm room so she could study for her big test the next day. Alvin stepped directly in front of Pebbles as she walked toward her dorm building with her head down.

“Damn Ma! You look so good I wish I could plant a whole field of ya’ll!”

Pebbles looked Alvin up and down. She tried her hardest not to laugh, but his approach was so corny that she couldn’t help herself. That little smile was all of the invitation Alvin needed. After the introductions were properly made, Alvin took the gentlemen’s approach and carried Pebbles’ books as he walked her to her dorm building to make sure that she arrived at her destination safely. Alvin told joke after joke as they walked to her building. Pebbles couldn’t stop laughing at the corny jokes. Pebbles was feeling Alvin right off the bat. He was a complete 180 from her ex who was always so serious about everything. Alvin and Pebbles exchanged phone numbers before they parted ways in front of her dorm building. Before Pebbles even got a chance to make it upstairs to her room on the 4th floor, Alvin was hitting her up on the cellie. He said he was just checking to make sure that she hadn’t given him the number to her favorite take-out restaurant by mistake. Pebbles couldn’t stop smiling if she wanted to for the rest of that whole day. Pebbles liked Alvin. She really, really liked Alvin.

Alvin and Pebbles spoke on the phone at least twice a day, every single day after their initial meeting. The two did not see each other face to face again until about two weeks later. That was mostly because of Pebbles. She was in the middle of studying for mid-terms when she first met Alvin, and even though she liked him a lot, she wasn’t going to let romance get in the way of her studies and education. The two finally met up the night that Pebbles completed her final mid-term paper. Alvin picked Pebbles up and took control of the date from the very start. He held doors for her, opened car doors for her, and even ordered for both of them at the restaurant. Alvin and Pebbles had had many conversations on the phone about this and that in the two weeks leading up to their first date. One of their earlier conversations was about what types of food she liked. Alvin scored major points with her by not only remembering what she’d said, but taking the initiative to order her favorite meal for her at the restaurant. After dinner the two took a long stroll through the park and talked. As the night went on and they walked and talked, the temperature outside dropped. Pebbles had not wore a jacket or a sweater because the weather was nice when Alvin had come to pick her up, but mostly she didn’t wear a jacket so that she could show off her fabulous body in her tight fitting dress. But anyway, when Alvin noticed Pebbles rubbing her arms in an attempt to warm herself he took his jacket off and wrapped it around her shoulders. Alvin took Pebbles back to her dorm building after their night-time stroll and walked her to the entrance. He thanked her for a great night and turned to leave. Pebbles grabbed him and gave him a long passionate kiss before he had the chance to take another step. Pebbles went upstairs to her dorm room floating on cloud 9. This was obviously the start of a beautiful relationship.

After that first date Pebbles and Alvin were practically inseparable around St. Joes campus. Wherever you saw one of them, the other one was surely there, not too far behind, or on their way to meet up with the other. Alvin was Pebbles dream man. He was funny, a pleasure to be around, and most importantly to Pebbles, Alvin didn’t seem to be pressed for sex. He never bought up the subject. Never. Even when they were alone together and things started to get hot and heavy with the kissing and grinding and shit. Alvin never pressed her for sex. Pebbles wanted it, she wanted it badly, but her curiousity was beyond piqued. She found herself wondering how long Alvin was willing to wait before he asked for some sex. Pebbles figured that there was only one way to find out. She held out on his dumb ass to see how long it would take him to ask for some. The days turned into weeks, and the weeks turned into months. Before you knew it six months had gone by since Alvin and Pebbles’ had officially become a couple, and still, Alvin and Pebbles had not gone further than kissing, grinding, and a little dry humping in their underwear with a little titty sucking one time. Every time it seemed like it was about to go down, Pebbles stopped Alvin and said that she wanted to wait. Pebbles did it so much that it started to become like a game to her. A game that Alvin obviously didn’t mind playing. I mean, he had not broken up with her, and as far as she knew he wasn’t cheating on her either. So I’m guessing he must’ve been cool with the games. Anyway, the games came to an end one Saturday night about seven months into the relationship. Saturday night was movie night for the couple. They would chill out in Pebbles’ dorm room and find an old movie to rent “On Demand” and then play the role of professional movie critics afterward. They both were mostly of the opinion that older movies were overrated, and the couple set out to prove that they were right every Saturday. This week’s movie selection was Spike Lee’s “She’s Gotta Have It.” They had both heard lots and lots about this movie. And both of them went into watching the movie with the mindset that this was yet another highly overrated old ass movie. Right around the time of Lola’s sex scene with the drums playing in the background(You know which one I’m talking about), Pebbles began feeling the urge to make a scene of her own. Pebbles had Alvin’s pants down and his dick in her mouth before he even knew what was happening.

Alvin and Pebbles had sex five times back to back that first night. Pebbles felt like holding out for so long had been the best move that she’d ever made in her life. Their relationship seemed to get much stronger afterward, and it was only getting stronger as the days and weeks went by. Pebbles had found true love and Alvin had finally found the trophy piece that he considered worthy of being by his side. Alvin took every and any opportunity to show off his trophy piece too. Family functions, parties, gatherings with close friends, weddings. Alvin had Pebbles by his side everywhere he went. Pebbles started to notice a change in Alvin’s behavior once they started going to all of these functions together. At first it was just little things. Like the first time Alvin took her to one of his families huge cookouts. He specifically asked Pebbles to wear something tight fitting so that everyone could see her body and be jealous. Pebbles reluctantly did what she was told. She didn’t really think that kind of thing was appropriate for a family gathering, but her man had asked, so she granted his wishes. Pebbles didn’t go full hoochie mama, but the sundress that she decided to go with on that day definitely turned eyes from the moment she stepped on the scene. Alvin introduced Pebbles to a few people before he excused himself and went over to kick it with a few of his cousins who were drinking heavily. Alvin left Pebbles in the company of his older brother Marvin. Alvin had done this purposely. He wanted his brother to lust over something that Alvin had and he did not for once. Growing up, Marvin had always been the golden child. He was two years older than Alvin. Marvin was the athlete in the family with all of the trophies to show for his efforts. Alvin was not an athlete. Marvin took every opportunity to rub his success in his little brother’s face. Marvin was the brother who always had the great grades in school. Alvin did not. Alvin was a steady “C” student at best, Marvin on the other hand was always on the honor roll. Marvin took every opportunity to rub that success in his little brother’s face. Marvin was the brother who was a very confident playboy who had all of the bad bitches on deck. Alvin had no bitches growing up. Not only did Marvin rub that up in his little brother’s face every opportunity that he got, he also did spiteful shit like go after chicks that he knew his little brother liked but didn’t have the heart or confidence to approach. That was a few years ago. Marvin had grown up a lot since then, Alvin had not. Alvin’s whole purpose for being at this family cookout today and bringing Pebbles along was to finally see jealousy on his older brother’s face. Pebbles and Marvin talked while Alvin went off to go get wasted. Pebbles liked Marvin. He was a really nice guy. They talked about their favorite comedy television sitcoms and movies and laughed as they quoted lines from the movies and shows. Marvin was a big movie buff just like her and Alvin were. Pebbles was having a great time talking to Marvin. There was nothing flirtatious going on over here at all. Alvin knew it too as he watched from the other end of the huge backyard. That pissed him off more than he would’ve been pissed off if his big brother had tried to holla’ at his woman. Alvin managed to work himself into a small rage that burnt on the inside but didn’t show on the outside. That inner rage made Alvin want to drink more and more. After an hour and a half he was white boy wasted. Alvin walked over to Pebbles and grabbed her by the arm. He didn’t say a word to his brother as he pulled Pebbles out of the house and to the car. Pebbles had no idea what was going on, but she refused to cause a scene in front of Alvin’s family. She allowed herself to be led outside and to Alvin’s car. Once inside the car Pebbles finally spoke.


Alvin shook his head but said nothing. He drove Pebbles back to her dorm room doing every bit of 70 to 80 mph down the small back roads. Once back at her dorm building Pebbles attempted to slam the door before Alvin could follow her inside. Alvin stopped the door with his hand and slammed it as he stepped inside of the room. Pebbles turned around to cuss Alvin out for being rude. Before she could get any words out of her mouth Alvin had both of his hands wrapped around her neck. He squeezed tightly as Pebbles began punching and kicking. When he realized what was going on he loosened his grip on her neck. Alvin planted a passionate kiss on her lips, and before long the anger inside of both of them turned into angry sex. Very good, rough, angry sex. Pebbles found herself oddly turned on by the whole almost being choked to death and angry sex afterward thing. That was the reason Pebbles didn’t recognize that Alvin had anger issues. That was also the reason that Pebbles didn’t break up with Alvin right then, like everything inside of her was telling her she should do. Plus, it wasn’t like he’d hit her. He was just drunk and happened to get a little rough. This was surely just going to be a one time thing right?

If that was what Pebbles thought, then she was sadly mistaken. Alvin’s angry outburst and unability to control his anger was not a one time thing. The choking had been upgraded to punching after awhile also. But that was only when they were alone and in private and only after one of Alvin’s frequent drinking binges at a party or function they attended. It seemed like Alvin found any reason to be angry with Pebbles. She kept looking at this dude, or this dude kept looking at her, or why the fuck did she need to creep off to the bathroom so many times? Any reason. It seemed like Pebbles could do no right after Alvin started drinking. And every time they went home after a function Alvin whipped her ass. At first Pebbles used to fight back. She quickly realized that doing this only made him beat on her harder and much worse. Before long Pebbles was a broken woman. She didn’t even walk with her head held high anymore. She was scared that Alvin would accuse her of looking at someone and use that as an excuse to whip her ass when they were alone. Well why the fuck didn’t she just leave? That’s what you’re wondering right? The answer to that question was a simple one. No matter how much Alvin beat her, deep down inside Pebbles believed that he was a good dude and that this beating shit was just a faze. If she hung in there long enough, one day he would surely go back to Alvin “the great guy and gentlemen” that he was way back when they had first met. Then everything would be all good. Things didn’t work out like Pebbles had hoped they would. Alvin began bringing Pebbles with him to the local campus parties every weekend. Once there, Alvin would get completely ripped! I mean, ripped to the point that he lost his damn mind. Alvin started to hit and slap Pebbles around right in front of their friends and people at the parties. Nobody even had the balls to stop Alvin from hitting Pebbles either. The first time people saw Alvin hit Pebbles in public came as a shock to their friends, but just like anything else, if you see it or experience it enough, the shit becomes normal. Folks started to get used to seeing Alvin beat Pebbles in public. They just shook their heads and went about their merry business. Pebbles did attempt to leave Alvin a couple of times. He always ended up doing something that she considered “romantic” to gain her trust back. Like sleeping outside of her dorm building and crying all night. Every time Pebbles took Alvin back things were good for about a week. But after that he went right back to his jealous and violent ways, until Pebbles decided to break up with him again. One night Alvin, Pebbles, and a group of their friends went to a party that was being held for the basketball team for making it into the NCAA field of 64 basketball tournament. The gathering was being held at a neighborhood bar that was right off campus grounds. Bars like that were usually an unstable mix of college kids and people from around the way. Sometimes it made for a pleasant atmosphere, sometimes it didn’t. Alvin started his drinking the moment they stepped into the place. Pebbles knew what would be happening to her soon. She had smartened up.(In her mind) Pebbles decided that she would get drunk also. That way she wouldn’t feel the beating that she knew was coming as much. Pebbles sat at the bar with her homegirls tossing back drink after drink, while Alvin headed over to the dance floor to see if he could grind up on a couple of the local hoodrats. About a half hour later Alvin came stumbling back in Pebbles direction. He was completely ripped……again. Pebbles quickly downed the double shot Of Hennesy that was sitting in front of her. She knew what was coming. Alvin walked up to Pebbles and pimp slapped the fuck out of her without saying a word. Immediately afterward he pulled her out of her chair and threw her to the floor. Alvin was on top of her in seconds with his fist raised. Pebbles sighed, closed her eyes, and prepared for yet another beatdown…..She never felt the sting of Alvin’s fist on her face. Pebbles opened her eyes to see Alvin laying on the ground getting the hell beat out of him. Pebbles sat up to get a better look at the action. Pebbles quietly cheered as she watched a dark skin guy kneeling over top of Alvin as he pounded away on Alvin’s face. It didn’t take long before Alvin’s bitch ass passed out from the onslaught of punches, combined with all of the alcohol he had consumed. The guy gave Alvin one last open handed bitch slap before he turned around and held one hand out to help Pebbles up from the bar’s floor.

“Are you alright?”

Pebbles didn’t say a word. This man looked like the most handsome man she’d ever seen in her life. This man looked like the bravest man that she’d ever met in her life. This man looked like the most kindest, gentle man she’d ever met in her life. This man was her knight in shining armor, her guardian Angel sent from the heavens above. Of course you know that all of Pebbles’ emotions and feelings about this man in this moment was a direct result of what had just taken place right? Pebbles knight in shining armor’s name was Jahlil.

Before I can go any further in this story about Pebbles, I have to go backwards. This story started way before Pebbles. This story can’t be told without telling you a little about Jahlil……….


Jahlil was a natural born hustler. He was the youngest of 10 siblings. All boys, and all born to be criminals. Just making it to the dinner table and being able to get something to eat as the youngest was a hustle in itself. Jahlil’s mother was hispanic and Jahlil’s father was black. Jahlil inherited traits from both parents, but his ability to look like either race at any given time, and speak both languages frequently, would be the trait that Jahlil would find to be the most useful one in his later life. Jahlil’s dad was killed in a dice game when Jahlil was only six years old. Jahlil’s mother was a recovering heroin addict from the 70’s who eagerly crossed over to becoming a dedicated crack addict during the early crack boom in Philly in 1985. Jahlil was an 80’s baby. Not meaning that he was born in the 1980’s, but meaning that the 80’s were the decade that raised him. Jahlil hit the streets in 1986 at the young age of 13. He started his venture into the illegal life by going to the store for the older drug dealers on his block. The older boys used to pay Jahlil a dollar or two for going to the store for them, but the hustler inside of Jahlil said that this was not enough. Instead of buying the things from the store that the older boys sent him there for, Jahlil stole the things and kept all of the money for himself. He was always being sent to the store for things like razor blades, sandwich bags, or snacks like potato chips and things. Stealing was easy for Jahlil. It came naturally to him. Jahlil graduated from store runner on what seemed like a normal Thursday afternoon. Jahlil walked up to the corner at 1pm like he usually did to see if anybody wanted him to go to the store for them. As Jahlil approached the corner, he watched as police officers swarmed the corner from everywhere. The 20 or so drug dealers that were out on the corner at the time scattered like roaches when the lights came on. Some ran and got away, some ran and got caught, and some just stood there like deer stuck in the headlights and got their dumb asses locked up. With all of that going on, one thing in particular caught Jahlil’s young eye. One of the guys ran straight past Jahlil. Jahlil saw the fear in the dealer’s eyes as he darted past him and made a sharp turn into the alley. Once in the alley the dealer blindly threw his stash into some bushes. He was so far in front of the cop chasing him, that the cop never saw him toss his stash. Jahlil did though. He calmly walked into the alley and grabbed the dealer’s stash from the bushes. Nobody even paid any attention to the little boy. The cops were too busy locking people up, and the dealers were too busy getting locked up….or still running. Ten minutes later the corner was clear. Every drug dealer and every cop who had been swarming the area moments earlier were gone. It was like a ghost town out that bitch. Nobody standing out there except for little Jahlil… All by his lonesome….With $500 worth of drugs in his pockets that he’d pulled from the bushes. Moments later a wave of crackheads came out of nowhere like a scene from “The Walking Dead.” Crackheads didn’t see age, color, size, or any other characteristic of a person when they were looking to buy crack. All they knew was what corner they usually copped from. Jahlil was the only person standing on that corner. Naturally they swarmed him and asked him who had the coke. Jahlil had seen the older boys sell crack hundreds of times before. He played it off like he was a veteran to this shit. He somehow managed to turn the wild “Black Friday” looking scene into something that resembled some order. He got the swarm of crackheads to line up and wait their turn to be served. Jahlil sold the $500 worth of crack in his pockets in a matter of minutes. He smiled as he walked down the street counting his money afterward. Two minutes later a thought hit him. Yeah, he had some money right now and that was all good, but the thought that Jahlil couldn’t get out of his head was that he wanted more. But how was he going to do that when the only reason that he had what he had in his pockets right now was because he lucked up and came up off of somebody’s tossed stash? It wasn’t like some shit like this could happen every day……or could it?

The very next day Jahlil walked up to the corner with a new purpose. Fuck begging one of these fools to let him go to the store for them in the hope that he could earn a dollar or two. He was now observing the scene to see if he could find a way to make a few hundred dollars again. Jahlil had took notice of something else yesterday besides the drug dealer who tossed his stash into the bushes during the raid. He noticed that some of the drug dealers that the police had up against the wall and searching were coming up clean and being let go by the cops because they didn’t have any drugs on them at all. Jahlil knew for a fact that damn near everyone standing on the corner was selling some type of drug. That could only mean one thing. Not everyone was carrying their packages on their bodies, some of these jokers had their shit stashed away somewhere! All Jahlil needed to do was stay low key and out of the way, watch, and observe. Jahlil walked up the block a little bit to where some other young boys were playing basketball on a makeshift basketball court that they’d created out of an old milk crate. Jahlil kept one eye on the dealers up the street as he jumped into the little basketball game with the other little boys. One dealer caught his attention right away. Lando. Lando was one of the most popular drug dealers on the corner. He was also moving more packs for the big boss, Hector than anyone else out on the block. Lando was a little older than Jahlil. Lando was only about 15 years old, but he was already knee deep in the drug game. Lando stood out from all of the other dealers to Jahlil because of his big dookie rope chains. Even from up the block Jahlil could hear the sound of Lando’s huge hollow rope chains crashing into each other as he darted back and forth across the street. Lando would go from the corner talking to a customer, and then dart to the alley, and come back seconds later and serve the customer. Lando’s stash was obviously somewhere in that alley. That was enough surveillance for Jahlil. He quietly walked away from the basketball game. Jahlil went unnoticed as he walked all the way around the block and entered the long narrow alley from the other side. Jahlil hid behind a bunch of trash and old car tires as he waited for Lando to come into the alley and reveal where he had his stash hidden. Seconds later Lando entered the alley and went straight for one of the walls. He removed a brick, stuck his hand inside, grabbed something, and then replaced the brick before he darted out of the alley and back to the corner. “Got em’!” That was the only thought that went through Jahlil’s young mind. Not fear, not hesitation, not nervousness. Jahlil crept out from his hiding spot and headed straight for the wall. He quickly found Lando’s brick that was hiding his stash. Lando was the best hustler on the corner, but he obviously wasn’t the brightest. The wall was full of white bricks. The brick that Lando decided to use to hide his stash behind was red. That shit stood out like a sore thumb. Jahlil was smart enough not to take the whole stash. He just grabbed a hand full and put it in his pockets. Jahlil carefully replaced the red brick afterward and was headed out the other end of the alley in a matter of seconds.

Now that young Jahlil had some more drugs($260 worth to be exact), he needed to find a way to sell it and turn the crack into cash. Jahlil knew that selling the drugs at the same place he’d stolen them from was the best move. The only problem with that was Lando. What if Lando walked up to him and saw that he was selling the same red caps that Lando was now missing? That would be very bad for Jahlil. To avoid that confrontation, Jahlil decided to stand up the street from the corner way off and out of the way once again and just check the scene out. Jahlil wasn’t in a rush to sell what he’d just stolen from Lando. He still had the $500 that he’d came up on the other day. Jahlil decided to do a two day surveillance of the corner’s operations. Every night around 11:00 pm all of the younger guys left the corner. Old guys who looked like crackheads took their places. That was Jahlil’s opportunity. The very next night Jahlil approached one of the crackhead dealers and asked him to sell his drugs for him. Jahlil offered to pay the crackhead $30 for every $100 worth of product that he moved. That was much too good of an opportunity for the crackhead to turn down. His boss was only paying him $10 off of $100. The crackhead wasn’t even going to make $60 if he stayed out here all night, and here was an opportunity to make $60 in an hour two? Sheeeit! That was a very easy choice for the crackhead to make. That crackhead’s name was Forsett, and he was about to play a huge part in this story. Forsett was different from the other crackheads out on the block hustling late nights. Not that he wasn’t smoked the fuck out like the rest of the struggling crackheads. Forsett smoked like a goddamn chimney. Forsett was different from the others because of his past life. Forsett was born and raised in the hood just like everybody else, but back when he was 18 years old Forsett had manged to make it out of the hood. Legally. Forsett got himself a fully paid football scholarship to USC. He led the nation in rushing yards in his freshman season. Forsett was drafted by the Oakland Raiders with the number two selection the very next year. Forsett was excited and so was the city of Oakland. Forsett turned out to be a bust almost from his very first day in the pros. He just could not adjust to the speed of the professional game. Forsett played four mediocre seasons in Oakland before he was cut. After that he was bounced from team to team for the next three years. Coming off of the bench in a blowout and meaningless game with the New York Giants against the Minnesota Vikings, Forsett suffered a season, and possibly career ending leg injury when he was horse collar tackled from behind on a 23 yard run up the middle. The broken leg that Forsett suffered as a result of the tackle caused him endless amounts of pain. A pain that doctors and the team’s trainers helped him endure with the help of pain pills like Oxycotin and Xanax. Forsett ended up getting hooked on the pain killers. He never returned to the NFL. Instead, Forsett found himself looking for something more powerful than pain killers to help relieve the pain of a life and career that had so much promise ending up this way. Enter crack. Forsett started smoking it back in his nice house in New York. Before long Forsett found himself in the land of the best crack in the country. North Philadelphia. The place where he had been born and raised. Forsett came back to Philly on a crack binge on what seemed like a normal Monday morning and never left afterward. Forsett ended up selling everything except his ass for crack. Now, at only 27 years old Forsett was washed. Another person with promise loss to the streets. Anyway, the point that I was trying to make was that Forsett had experienced the good life. He had plans of getting back to it one day too. If only he could manage to stop spending every dollar that touched his hands on crack…..Ok, back to the story…….Forsett never bothered to ask the 13 year old Jahlil where he’d got the drugs from. All Forsett saw was a way for him to make more money so he could smoke more crack. Forsett didn’t give two fucks about the fact that Hector, the corner’s boss would surely kill him for selling somebody else’s drugs on his corner. Fiending for crack made a person lose sight of such dangerous things. The late night shift didn’t move as quickly as the earlier shifts did, but Forsett still manged to finish the drugs that Jahlil gave him in a couple of hours. While Jahlil waited for Forsett to finish selling his drugs, the two talked. Jahlil was amazed by Forsett’s NFL stories. He also thought that Forsett was a very smart man. Forsett liked the youngster right off the bat. He knew that the youngster had not obtained what he’d given him to sell by any type of honorable manner, but he had it. Forsett also knew that it was the very same product that he was out here selling for Hector right now. That could only mean that the youngster had stolen the product from one of the workers. That took heart. The youngin’ was obviously willing to go the extra mile in his pursuit of getting ahead. Forsett couldn’t help but to admire that quality in someone so young. He was going to help the boy come up in any way that he could. Jahlil took his money home after Forsett finished his pack. He promised Forsett that he would have some more for him to sell tomorrow night. Jahlil hit the block the next afternoon to scope out the scene and see what was what. Everything seemed normal. Lando did not seem to be angry or stressing out about the product he was short. Odds were that Lando was moving so much product, getting so many packs from Hector, and losing so much money in the crap games that he always partook in on the corner while hustling, that the last thing to come across his mind was that his money was short because somebody had tapped his stash. Lando seemed totally clueless about the fact that he’d been robbed….well tapped. Jahlil decided to do it again since no one seemed to notice. Later that night he took his bounty to Forsett who sold it for him in a matter of hours. This became a routine, and during the time Jahlil and Forsett grew tighter and tighter. About two weeks later Jahlil crept through the back of the alley to steal his daily come up out of Lando’s stash. Just like he usually did, Jahlil waited until Lando came to grab a few caps from his stash and went back to the block before he made his move. Jahlil ran over, removed the brick, grabbed a handful of caps like he usually did, and carefully replaced the brick. When he turned around something out of the ordinary happened. Hector and Lando was standing right there looking at him. Before Jahlil could say anything Lando sucker punched him. Before Jahlil could recover from the first blow, Lando was landing five and six pieces on Jahlil’s chin and face. Jahlil couldn’t do anything except ball up and try to shield himself from the onslaught of punches and kicks. After Lando was finished working Jahlil over Hector moved in. He pulled his 9mm from his waist and put his gun into Jahlil’s mouth. He told Jahlil that if he ever caught him stealing again he was going to blow his head clean off.

Jahlil left the alley after the beating more angry than scared. Not only did Lando get his caps back from Jahlil’s pockets, he also grabbed a couple hundred dollars too. All Jahlil’s hard earned money. Jahlil was pissed. That night he went to the corner looking for Forsett. He wanted to warn his ol’ head that he’d got caught stealing and that it might be possible that they were on to him now too. Especially if one of the crackheads went back to Hector and told him that they saw Forsett talking to the little boy every night. As Jahlil was approaching the corner someone grabbed him from the bushes and pulled him inside. It was Forsett. He wasn’t looking like his usual crackhead self tonight. His eyes were clear and he looked focused. Forsett was wearing black pants, a black hoodie, and he had a black bandana wrapped around his face. He warned Jahlil that they were both marked for death. Hector knew that Jahlil was stealing from the day shift, and bringing what he’d stolen to Forsett to sell for him. Hector was going to kill them both. Forsett gave Jahlil a choice. He told him that he could sit around and wait for Hector to kill him, or he could take matters into his own hands and beat Hector to the punch. Forsett already let it be known what he was going to do. He was taking matters into his own hands. Forsett said that he was going to take care of Hector tonight. Jahlil decided to join Forsett. He really had no idea what kind of shit that he might be getting himself into, but the last thing he wanted to have happen was for Forsett to lose any respect for him. Even though Forsett was a smoker, he’d managed to make a huge impression on Jahlil. Forsett told Jahlil that he knew where Hector was at tonight, and that tonight was the perfect night to get him. Tonight was Tuesday night. Anybody that knew Hector knew that he was at the house over on Orkney Street getting drunk and betting on the cock fights. Forsett had it all planned out. They would wait in the dark bushes until Hector’s drunk ass came stumbling out of the house and then ambush him. Jahlil didn’t know much about this kind of shit, but he automatically assumed that this ambush would involve Forsett shooting Hector. Jahlil was shocked when Forsett pulled a gun and a knife out of his hoodie and passed the knife to him. Jahlil looked at the knife like it was a foreign object.

“What the fuck am I supposed to do with this?”

“I’m going to pull out the gun on Hector. When I do, you run up behind him and stab him. He will never see it coming and he will never see you. Trust me, after Hector gets attacked by some people trying to rob him, the last thing he will be thinking about is killing me or you. We will be the furthest thing from his mind. He will be too busy trying to find who stabbed him so he can get some revenge. And we can go on with our lives without having to worry about Hector coming for us.”

Jahlil was confused.

“If you’re going to pull the gun out on him why don’t you just shoot him?”

“Because this gun is not real. It’s a bb gun but I colored it in all black with a magic marker. Hector won’t be able to tell the difference in the dark. Trust me, the last thing that he will be thinking is that this gun is a fake.”

Jahlil looked at Forsett and then looked down at the butcher knife in his own hand. Jahlil was only 13 years old, Jahlil had never shot, killed, or done anything violent to anyone in his life. Jahlil was much younger than Forsett, but even with all of this being said, Jahlil thought that Forsett’s plan of action was fucking stupid. Not crazy or out of the ordinary. Just plain fuckin’ stupid. It was a known fact that Hector was not a pussy. As a matter of fact most people considered Hector a killer. Even if the plan worked and they did get away with stabbing Hector tonight, that would not mean that he wasn’t going to still kill them for stealing from him. Nothing about this made sense to Jahlil. It all seemed stupid. Jahlil agreed to go along with the plan anyway. The two walked over to Orkney Street. Jahlil hid behind a car that was parked outside of the house that Hector was in right now and Forsett took his place in the bushes up the street. Hector came stumbling out of the house alone 10 minutes later. He was clearly drunk and high on something out of his mind. Hector stumbled up the block about 10 paces before the bandana wearing Forsett jumped from the bushes and pointed his fake gun at Hector. Jahlil could only see Hector’s back as he watched him put his arms in the air. Jahlil took action. He ran up the street and jumped up as he plunged his knife down into the back of Hector’s neck. Hector grabbed at his neck in agony and dropped to the ground. Jahlil turned around and prepared to run. Forsett grabbed him before he could.

“No! You gotta finish him off now!”

Jahlil was frozen in place and time. As far as he knew, he’d already done what he came to do. He had no intention of killing Hector. That was not a part of the original plan. Forsett continued to urge the youngster on.

“Do it! Do it now!”

Jahlil felt himself stepping outside of his body as he seemed to watch himself kneel down and stab Hector over and over with the butcher knife. Face, arms, legs, stomach, throat. Jahlil stabbed Hector in almost every place that you can name. He didn’t stop until Hector stopped moving. Forsett took off running one way, Jahlil ran the other. Never realizing that he still had the murder weapon in his hand. Before Jahlil ran a whole two blocks cop cars were rolling up on him. Jahlil was arrested and sent down to juvenile booking. The whole thing felt like a dream to him. What in fuck’s name did he just do?

Jahlil was in custody for a year before he went to trial. In that time he had been questioned multiple times by detectives and prosecutors. Not one time did the thought of implicating Forsett in this crime cross his mind. Jahlil was prepared to take the full weight for Hector’s murder. And that was just what happened. Jahlil plead guilty to an involuntary manslaughter charge. Jahlil caught a major break at sentencing. Instead of hitting Jahlil with adult numbers and hardcore adult time, the judge gave Jahlil a juvenile “life” sentence at what was basically a school that you couldn’t go home from at the end of the school day. He said that he believed that there was still time for the young man to learn from his mistakes and turn his life around. Jahlil was to be reprimanded to a juvenile facility until his 18th birthday. Jahlil was fortunate enough to be sent to Glen Mills to serve out his time. Some of the guys he befriended while at the Youth Study Center had been sent much further away to serve out their sentences. At least Glen Mills was still in Pennsylvania. With all of the courses and daily activities that Jahlil were assigned, time flew by. Jahlil quickly became one of the more popular boys at the facility because he excelled at sports. As the years went by a few of the young guys that Jahlil knew from around the way started to make their way through the facility. All of them told Jahlil the same story. The ol’ head Forsett was running things in the hood now. They also said that Forsett had boastfully taken credit for committing the murder that Jahlil was serving time for. Jahlil found this shit very hard to believe. For one, Forsett was a crackhead. How in the hell could he have taken over a whole area? Two, was that Jahlil couldn’t see Forsett as the type to brag about murdering someone, let alone take credit for a murder that he didn’t even do. Jahlil mostly brushed the rumors off, but deep down inside he couldn’t help but to wonder. Jahlil was released from Glen Mills three months after his 18th birthday. Guess who was waiting for him outside the facility? Yup, you guessed it. His ol’ head Forsett was standing out there leaning up against a clean ass, brand new, shiny red Mercedes Benz. Jahlil couldn’t believe his eyes. He walked over to Forsett and gave him some dap and a hug.

“Damn, this you ol’ head!?”

Forsett smiled at him.

“Yeah, just one of many. I’m going to get you one too because of your loyalty.”

Jahlil believed him. He had no reason not to. As Forsett drove Jahlil home Forsett broke down the story of how he’d come to be the man in charge. It was all pretty simple really. Everybody believed that Forsett had killed Hector who was the toughest thing moving in the hood at the time, so everybody shifted their loyalties from Hector to Forsett, the man who had knocked him off. Nobody even thought about believing that Jahlil was the person who’d actually done the crime, even though he was the one who had been charged with it. Word was, Forsett did it and Jahlil was just a kid who was picked up on a mistaken identity joint and charged with the crime. The kid kept his mouth shut out of a fear of the new hood boss Forsett. Everybody bought the story, including Hector’s coke connect who immediately went to Forsett and started supplying him with the crack that the whole hood was selling. Nothing in the hood moved now without Forsett’s blessing. Jahlil quietly sat and listened to Forsett’s story. As he did, he started to respect Forsett less and less. Forsett’s next move pretty much sealed his fate. He took Jahlil to one of his corners and gave him a $230 pack. He told Jahlil to turn in the $200 and keep the $30 for himself when he finished. Jahlil had come home to nothing, and the one and only person who was in a position to do something for him was treating him like a common peasant. Even though everything that Forsett now owned was due in part to Jahlil’s killing of Hector. Jahlil accepted the $230 pack and got out of the car without saying a word. Jahlil wasn’t a naive 13 year old child anymore. He was now an 18 year old grown ass man. He also wasn’t dumb enough to buy the dreams that Forsett was trying to sell him. He wasn’t getting no damn Benz out of Forsett. The only way that Jahlil would ever be getting a Benz was if he bought his own! FACTS! Fresh out of the bing for less than an hour, Jahlil hit the block with the $230 pack of crack. The block was still booming just like Jahlil remembered it. He sold the $230 pack in less than a half hour. Jahlil didn’t go looking for Forsett to pay him his money after he finished the pack. Instead he took a walk over to “The Avenue.” Jahlil walked into the pawn shop and purchased a used .32 snub nosed revolver for $67. He calmly walked back to the block and ordered himself a cheesesteak and fries from the corner store. Jahlil got his food and sat outside on the block waiting for Forsett to come collect the money that was owed to him. Jahlil took a bite of the cheesesteak and slowly chewed as he savored the flavor he had been missing for the last five + years. Shit was like heaven inside of his mouth. Before Jahlil could take another bite of the tasty steak, he spotted Forsett’s shiny red Mercedes Benz turning the corner and pulling over to park. Forsett screamed orders at his dozens of workers as he strolled over in Jahlil’s direction. He stood over Jahlil as Jahlil tried to eat.

“You knocked that off yet youngin’? You need some more?”

Jahlil neatly sat his steak and fries down on a milk crate before he stood up and reached into his pockets. To Forsett’s surprise, Jahlil did not produce his money when his hands came out of those pockets. Instead he was holding a pistol that was quickly aimed at Forsett’s head. Without a word being said Jahlil gave Forsett one, right in the middle of his dome. Forsett was dead before his body hit the ground. Jahlil had knocked off the boss of bosses in broad daylight for all to see.

The Come Up

All of those eyes were around the afternoon that Jahlil killed Forsett in broad daylight. Nobody said a word to the cops. Speaking of the cops, no one thought it was worth the time or resources to seriously investigate the broad daylight murder of yet another black man. This was just one of many unsolved cases of another dead nigga in the hood. Once again the power in the hood shifted. This time it was where Jahlil felt that it belonged. In his lap. Jahlil was now the undisputed king of the hood with no real competition on the horizon. The coke connect made Jahlil his new hood distributor. In a matter of weeks Jahlil was rolling in doe. Jahlil wasn’t satisfied though. The way that he saw it he wasn’t getting a fair share of the profits for the duties that he performed. If it wasn’t for him having everybody in check, the connect wouldn’t be able to move this much product in his hood. Jahlil knew exactly what he needed to do. Find a new connect who would appreciate what he bought to the table. Jahlil’s search for a new connect took him out of the city of Philadelphia and directly down to the Bronx, New York where he was introduced to a Dominican guy named Niko. Niko was big time. He was someone who was directly connected with one of the Mexican Cartels in Mexico. Niko had great prices, proper product, and he had lots and lots of it too. The only problem with Niko was that he refused to take responsibility for bringing the coke into Philadelphia. If Jahlil wanted to deal with Niko, he would need to take it upon himself to find a way to get the coke from New York to Philly. The first thought that popped into Jahlil’s mind was Greyhound. It was a longer trip, but it removed damn near all threat of being searched by security or caught. Jahlil made two successful trips from NY to Philly with two kilos on him each time. After that he decided that he didn’t need to take that risk himself. He carefully picked two people to take the trip to bring his product back to him. One crackhead who he had cleaned up to look like a respectable businessman and one of his trusted lieutenants, to keep an eye on the crackhead and his product. Four trips every week. Twice going to NY and twice coming from. Jahlil was smart enough to never use the same people twice. He was also smart enough to never use the same routes going to or coming from NY twice. Sometimes Jahlil had his trips re-routed to as far away as Washington D.C. before coming back to Philly the next day, just to keep things mixed up. There would be no pattern for anyone to depend on just in case somebody was out to get him. Stick up boys, police, whoever. Jahlil had a prosperous 8 month run before his world came crashing down. One of his crackhead runners was arrested at the bus terminal in Philadelphia after what had been just another normal trip. He had two kilos of raw in his suitcase when he was picked up. He had not been followed or under any type of surveillance of any sort. The crackhead was simply picked up on a five year old warrant from a very minor drug charge. He’d been facing less than six months on the old case and had ran from that. What the hell did you think he was going to do now that he got knocked with two birds? He was looking at years, not months this time. The crackhead gave up Jahlil’s whole operation when the cops got him down to the station. He gave up Jahlil’s whole crew from the top to the bottom. Meanwhile, life went on as usual for Jahlil. His assumption was that the crackhead got busted, he would be the one to do the time for the weight, and that would be that. Jahlil was willing to pay for the crackhead’s lawyer and maybe put a few dollars on his books if need be, but for the most part Jahlil believed that this arrest wouldn’t come back on him. If it was, he would surely be in jail already right? Wrong. Most conspiracies don’t work that way. The law will give you a long rope so you can hang yourself. That’s exactly what Jahlil did. He moved on with business as usual not realizing that his every move was being watched and added as evidence to the case that would soon be made against him and his team. Every now and then one of Jahlil’s corner workers would get locked up with some work. They immediately rolled over on Jahlil after they were informed of what type of numbers they were looking at. After a year of surveillance, the law had build up major evidence against Jahlil and his team. They moved in for the takedown. Jahlil and 14 of his most trusted associates were taken down on the Philly side. Niko and 8 of his top guys were taken down on the NY side of things. They were all arrested on one big case, all charged in a drug trafficking ring that spanned two states and four cities.

Luckily for Jahlil, Niko, and everyone else charged in the indictment, the FEDS did not want this case. It wasn’t big enough for them. Philadelphia didn’t even want anything to do with this case. New York City was stuck having to take the weight for this one. New York City didn’t even really want the case. These guys were just a bunch of nobodies in the big scheme of things and it was a waste of taxpayer money to have a trial for these nobodies. So New York City did the next best thing that they could think of. Pushed for plea deals. A plea deal saved the taxpayers of the city a lot of money and time, and even more important was the fact that they would still get convictions against all of the defendants. That was a win/win against the war on drugs in the eyes of the general public. The 40 year sentences that the defendants were originally looking at was slashed in half in the blink of an eye. When Jahlil, Niko, and some of the other defendants turned down the 20, New York City slashed the time in half once again. 10 years with parole. That would come out to about 7 years and some change behind bars for the defendants at the very most. For being charged with moving over 20 kilos from state to state, this was a plea deal to sweet to turn down. The defendants took the dime, and everyone walked away happy. Jahlil was sent to Elmira State prison in New York to serve out his time. Not one time did changing the way he was living when he went home cross Jahlil’s mind. Instead, his mind was filled with how he could do things in a better way so he wouldn’t get himself jammed up like this the next time. Jahlil took full advantage of his multilingualism the moment he stepped foot on the compound. Jahlil rolled with the black, white, hispanic, and mexican inmates equally. He was accepted by all even though he never joined any of their gangs. Jahlil hooked up with a Mexican guy named Juan Pablo Dejesus who claimed to be some kind of big shot back at home in Mexico. Juan Pablo claimed to be plugged into a Cartel back in Mexico of his namesake. The Dejesus Cartel was led by his uncle Luis Fernando. They were supposedly in a major war over there with the Herrera Cartel for control of the drug trade. Juan Pablo was in Elmira doing a young one year bid for a simple possession of two and a half ounces of coke charge. That kind of little bid was nothing to a guy like Juan Pablo. Juan Pablo’s problem was trying to survive in prison. His cartel had no numbers or control at this prison, but the Herrera Cartel did. They basically ran things here as far as drugs were concerned. Juan Pablo was sure that it was only a matter of time before they put a hit out on him. This was the reason that Juan Pablo latched onto Jahlil when he saw that Jahlil seemed to be cool with everyone on the compound. Protection by simple association. Jahlil liked Juan Pablo. He was a cool dude, plus he had a cell phone, so Jahlil allowed Juan Pablo to roll with him in exchange for use of his cell phone whenever Jahlil needed it. For the most part, Juan Pablo was mostly just paranoid. Nobody was really thinking about him or doing anything to him, but one day Juan Pablo got into a heated argument with two black inmates over a gambling debt he owed to them. After the argument Juan Pablo assumed that this was the end of it. It wasn’t. The black inmates paid two Mexican inmates to beat up Juan Pablo and rob him. Whatever they collected from Juan Pablo during the robbery they would break down evenly. The Mexican inmates cornered Juan Pablo in the bathroom and threatened him at knifepoint. Jahlil happened to be walking by and saw what was happening. He immediately jumped into the skirmish and helped Juan Pablo to defend himself. The matter was closed afterward. Juan Pablo never knew what the attack was about, but he automatically assumed that it was an attempted hit put out on him by the Herrera Cartel. Juan Pablo considered himself forever in Jahlil’s debt for defending him. Before Juan Pablo got released from prison he gave Jahlil his number and told him that they were definitely going to be seeing each other on the outside. Jahlil took Juan Pablo’s number, but didn’t really pay too much attention to the shit he was talking. Years flew by and Jahlil finished his 7 year stretch. He came home a new man. A new man with a new plan.

Jahlil was met with a pleasant surprise when he dialed Juan Pablo’s number two days after being released from prison. Juan Pablo invited Jahlil down to Mexico. Not only did he invite Jahlil down to Mexico, he had him flown out to his compound on his uncle’s private jet. Juan Pablo’s uncle was a somebody in Mexico for real. Juan Pablo told Jahlil that he could talk to his uncle and make it possible for Jahlil to be his distributor for all of Philadelphia and eventually the whole East Coast. He had all of the work Jahlil would ever need. The one problem was transportation. Jahlil would need to come up with a plan of his own to get the coke from Mexico to Philadelphia. Jahlil came back to Philly on a commercial flight. He managed to smuggle a kilo into the Country, but Jahlil knew that this was not the type of chances that he was willing to take on a regular. Jahlil opened up shop with the best coke in town when he got home. His product was moving fast, but the thought of what he was going to do when it was time to re-up played on his mind heavily. Jahlil decided to head over to one of the neighborhood bars near St. Joes College Campus to have a few drinks and try to clear his mind so he could come up with a plan……….


Jahlil saw the foundation for his plan the minute he walked into the bar and laid eyes on Pebbles. He watched her and her nut ass boyfriend from afar as he waited for the perfect opportunity to put his bid in. That opportunity presented itself the minute the chick’s weird ass boyfriend put his hands on her. Jahlil jumped right into action. He sucker punched the dude with his right hand, and open hand bitch slapped him with his left. Alvin screamed like a bitch before his hands flailed in the air and he fainted/went to sleep from the blows. Jahlil shook his head as he looked down at the sleeping Alvin.

“They sure don’t make em’ like they used to.”

Jahlil turned around and looked at Pebbles who was still balled up in the corner behind him. He extended his hand to her.

“Are you alright?”

Pebbles looked at Jahlil for a full minute before she finally answered.

“Y-Yeah, I think so.”

Pebbles grabbed Jahlil’s hand and he helped her to her feet while looking deep into her eyes the whole time.

“No one should have to deal with that kind of shit. Especially someone as beautiful as you.”

Pebbles was completely lost in Jahlil’s big brown eyes. She nodded her head without even knowing that she was doing so.

“I agree.”

“You want to get out of here and go somewhere a little more quiet and peaceful?”

Once again, Pebbles involuntarily nodded her head. She was immediately love-stricken.

Jahlil drove Pebbles back to his condo in one of Philadelphia’s most eccentric neighborhoods. The Parkway House apartments on Pennsylvania Avenue directly across the street from the Art Museum. Pebbles was impressed right away when she stepped foot inside of the luxury condo. Her being impressed was quickly replaced by a chilling fear. She looked over at Jahlil.

“You’re not a drug dealer or someone dangerous are you? Because you’re nice and all, but I don’t want to be around anything like that.”

Jahlil laughed. Pebbles might have thought that his laughter was because the idea of this sounded ludicrous to him, but the truth was that Jahlil was laughing because for some reason he’d been expecting a question like this from her. He’d also been planning his answer since they got into his car.

“Naw. Nothing like that. I’m actually a ghostwriter.”

“Like a rapper ghostwriter?”

Jahlil shook his head as he walked over to the huge bar to pour drinks.

“No, I couldn’t write a rap if I tried. I’m a ghostwriter for people who want to write their autobiographies but don’t possess the proper skills to do so on their own.”

Pebbles took a double take at Jahlil. That was the very last thing that this man looked like he did. Pebbles nodded.

“So I’m guessing that pays well?”

Jahlil walked over to Pebbles and passed her a glass of Vodka and clinked glasses with her.

“Eh, it keeps the lights on…. To continued success.”

“Continued success.”

Pebbles took a sip of her drink before she shrugged and downed the whole contents of her glass in one big gulp. Jahlil followed suit.

“You want another?”

Pebbles nodded before she handed Jahlil her glass.

“So how long you been living here?”

“Not long at all. I moved in here when I got back from Mexico.”

Jahlil said over his shoulder as he walked back to the bar to make more drinks.



“What were you doing out there?”

“Uh, I had a little business to take care of out there.”

Pebbles nodded as she looked at the lovely artwork that decorated Jahlil’s condo walls.

“You’re lucky. I’ve always wanted to go to Mexico. Cabo San Lucas to be exact. I bet it’s beautiful over there ain’t it?”

Jahlil walked back over to Pebbles and handed her her drink.

“I really wish I could tell you that it was. I was working the whole time I was there. I didn’t have any time to do any sightseeing.”

Jahlil nodded before he raised his glass in Pebbles’ direction. He downed his drink seconds later. Pebbles followed suit and did the same before she downed hers. The minute Pebbles pulled her lips away from the glass, Jahlil’s was on hers. The passionate kiss quickly went where they both knew that it would as they ripped at each other’s clothes in a major rush to get the other naked. In a matter of seconds they were both completely naked. Pebbles dropped to her knees and proceeded to take Jahlil into her mouth. Before she could get into a good rhythm, Jahlil had picked her up and flipped her upside down. They were now in a standing 6-9 position with Pebbles hanging upside down. Pebbles sucked Jahlil off like her life depended on it, while Jahlil ate her out like a man with a purpose. He really did have a purpose though. After two rounds of sex in the living room, the two found themselves at it again once they got to the shower. After a round in the shower, the party carried over into the bedroom. After two more strong rounds in the bedroom, the couple fell asleep in each other’s arms.

Pebbles was awakened the next morning by the smell of the scent of food in the air. If her nose served her correctly, she was smelling pancakes, eggs, and maybe some sausages, could be bacon though, she wasn’t sure. Either way, the thought of what was happening bought a huge smile to Pebbles’ face. She was being treated the exact way that she’d always thought she should’ve been treated, but was always too scared to ask to be treated this way. Pebbles had been pretty sure that this was going to be a one night stand type of thing with Jahlil when she agreed to come back to his house with him last night. She was cool with that. They’d had great sex last night, he’d completely taken her mind off of Alvin’s dumb ass, but even more importantly, Alvin was probably somewhere driving himself crazy trying to figure out where she was at right now. The whole thing had been a win/win/win for her. But now…….Now she wasn’t really sure what was going on. Jahlil was in the kitchen cooking breakfast, but did that really mean that this had been more than a one night stand to him or was she jumping to conclusions? What would she do if Jahlil did want more than a one night stand? What about Alvin? What if Jahlil wasn’t even making breakfast for her right now? What if she was smelling food cooking next door or Jahlil was making breakfast, but not for her? Pebbles’ mind was suddenly spinning out of control. She couldn’t stand it anymore. Pebbles needed answers to her questions right now. The only way that she was going to get them was to walk up in the kitchen and do some asking.


Tommy was a straight “A” student throughout his high school years. While everybody else Tommy’s age seemed to be venturing into a life of crime, Tommy was always more attracted to being one of the people who prevented it. Tommy wanted to be a detective. Not just any detective, but one who worked strictly homicide cases. Tommy grew up in the hood. He knew first hand what crime did to families. Tommy’s older brother was gunned down on the streets of North Philly at the young age of 16. Tommy’s brother wasn’t one of those dudes that were knee deep in the drug game, but he hung out with a lot of dudes who were. Tommy’s brother was gunned down while standing on the block shooting craps with those very same dudes. Tommy’s brother Rolo was loved in the hood. There was a lot of R.I.P Rolo written on the walls of the hood in the days following Rolo’s death. There were even lots of people wearing R.I.P Rolo t-shirts in the days following Rolo’s death. And there was lots and lots of talk amongst the people in the hood about how good of a guy that Rolo was in the days following his death. What there was not was sorrow and grief from the people in the hood after Rolo’s death. Sure, people in the hood were grieving after the young man was taken from this world so early on in life, but life in the hood went on. Death was normal. Death was an every day thing. People got over that kind of shit with the quickness. You know who didn’t get over Rolo’s death so quickly? His family. They would be left with one burning question for the rest of their lives. Why? Why was their loved one taken away from them in such a way? Why was their loved one taken away from them at such an early age? There would be no answers to those questions, no arrest made, and no suspects on the horizon. Just another dead youngster…..and life goes on. Tommy was 13 years old when Rolo was killed. Rolo was his idol. Life would never be the same for Tommy or his family. Tommy’s dad took his oldest son’s death badly. He turned to the bottle. Once he started drinking, he took his frustrations of how cruel and unfair the world was out on Tommy and his mother. He beat them both on many a drunken night. Rolo was outgoing and had always made friends very easily. Tommy was the complete opposite, and this shit with his father made him go into his shell even further. To escape the hell that he was living on a daily basis, Tommy went into his own little world. Tommy lived hidden out of sight and inside of his own head most of the time. Even when Tommy was not hidden somewhere and out in public he wasn’t really there. I mean, of course he was there physically, but mentally Tommy was off on Fantasy Island somewhere. These type of not normal actions placed Tommy right into the “weird” category amongst the kids at school. Tommy never talked to anyone and nobody bothered to talk to him. Because of this, Tommy fell way behind in the ways of his peers. No girls, no friends, no parties. Everybody around the way considered Tommy a weirdo too, but because of the respect and love that everyone once had for Rolo, nobody messed with Tommy. He had a “hood pass” of sorts. Tommy’s weird ways seemed to get enhanced once he got to high school. Tommy sank deeper into his own little world. So deep, that he started talking to himself. This was the ultimate in “weird” to high school students. Tommy became an instant outcast. Everything that normal high school kids did, Tommy would never be doing. Tommy walked through the world almost like he wasn’t even a part of it. Every little thing seemed to go unnoticed by Tommy. One thing Tommy did manage to do though, was keep those grades up. Tommy was no dummy and his report card showed it. All of his teachers wanted Tommy to go to college after high school. Tommy had other plans though. On his 18th birthday Tommy took a walk down to the Army recruiting office up the street from his high school. The recruiter didn’t need to do much convincing. Tommy had walked into that office that day with a purpose.

Tommy was shipped out to Fort Benning, Ga to begin basic training exactly one week after he visited the recruitment offices. Tommy felt a huge relief run through his body the minute he was out of Philadelphia’s city limits. All of his stress about his mother and father, fears of being gunned down in the streets just like his older brother Rolo had been, and that lifelong feeling of being weird and awkward that he’d always felt were immediately gone. Tommy now had a meaningful purpose in life. To become a great soldier and defend his Country with his own life if need be. Tommy’s first weeks of basic training were pretty uneventful outside of just adjusting to a new atmosphere and a new way of life. There was a lot to learn in very little time though. Right around the fourth week was when things got very interesting to Tommy. That was the first time that he held and learned how to fire an M16A2 rifle. This was the type of shit that Tommy had been longing for. Tommy was a quick learner and quickly got a rep for being the undisputed number one marksman in his unit. Of course Tommy aced his marksmanship qualification the next week. And he loved and mastered the combat skills training. After that there was a three day retreat to Victory Forge and a week later, graduation. Ten weeks altogether. These had been the best 10 weeks of Tommy’s life thus far. This was definitely where he belonged. After basic training Tommy spent four weeks in A.I.T. Advanced Individual Training. Then it was off to his duty station in Fort Carson, Colorado. Tommy served four years active duty before returning home. In all of his time away Tommy never took or even requested a leave to go home. Why should he? There wasn’t really shit to go home to. When Tommy got home he went straight to his parents’ house. His mother was so proud of her son and happy to see him. Tommy’s dad was a different story. He was actually jealous of the sight of his son standing there looking proud to be in his uniform. After Rolo’s death, Tommy’s dad’s life turned into complete shit. Nothing made Tommy’s dad angrier than seeing someone doing something positive with their life. He wanted everybody to be in the same boat that he was in. He immediately got up in Tommy’s face and told him that the uniform didn’t mean anything. He wasn’t shit and he was never going to be shit. Tommy’s dad made the fatal mistake of putting his hands on Tommy. Tommy was no longer the timid scared little boy he was when he left to go into the Army. Tommy was now pretty much a trained killer. Army training kicked in and Tommy took his dad to the ground with one swift ass Army move. Before he could pound his dad’s dumb ass face in, the sound of his mother screaming snapped Tommy out of the trance that he was in. Tommy grabbed his bags and left the house. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to be able to stay here. Before he left he handed his mother a few dollars. Tommy knew right then that this was a place that he would never be coming back to. Tommy headed out to a local bar. He grabbed a drink and a newspaper so he could search for an apartment to rent. Tommy found a small studio apartment right above a convenience store on 6th & Spring Garden Streets. The place was very small, but it was his. Now that the having a place to live issue was taken care of, the next step was obtaining some type of income. Tommy knew exactly what he wanted to do. The only problem with this was that he had done zero research or intel into what it took to gain employment in the field he coveted. Like I said before Tommy was not a dumb man, he was however, quite naive. Tommy walked down to the local police district fully expecting to be hired on the spot and become a homicide detective. He did have a great military service record and all. Tommy figured that this should be enough. He quickly found out that it wasn’t. Tommy learned that he couldn’t even become a police officer without training and schooling let alone a homicide detective. Tommy was crushed. This was his plan A, B, C, and D. There were no other plans. Tommy’s military service did however, impress the officer he talked to at the precinct who went by the name of Jim. He was an ex-marine and he remembered how hard it had been for him trying to re-adjust back into civilian life. He suggested that Tommy become a Police radio dispatch officer and then go to the police academy at a later time. It would be a paying job and it would put Tommy directly in a law enforcement type atmosphere, plus it would only be a temporary type thing. The officer called in some of his connections and got Tommy a job at his precinct. Tommy was now on the bottom floor of fulfilling his lifelong dream to become a homicide detective.

Tommy got settled into his job pretty quickly. Even though he was still a quiet and reserved person, most of the officers that came through the precinct liked Tommy. It was most likely because of Tommy’s military background. Tommy was working at a police precinct. Maybe he was a little off, maybe it was something he really wanted, or maybe Tommy got caught up in things, whatever the case may have been, Tommy some kind of way got it in his mind that he was really a police officer. He even introduced himself to people as such. Anyway, Tommy got into the groove of things and got into a regular routine. He bought himself a nice flat screen tv and some furniture for the crib and he got comfortable. Months went by and Tommy still had not got around to checking out any information about going to the police academy. He was in a nice little groove that he really didn’t want to break. Go to work, come home, eat, watch some tv and go to bed, wake up the next morning and do it again. Tommy rarely spent any money outside of the necessities. Food, bills, etc..etc..etc. Tommy was stacking up a lot of doe and he didn’t have a damn thing to do with all of the money he was saving. One Friday after work Tommy decided to treat himself. He was going to go to Gamestop and buy a Playstation and play shooting games all weekend. On his way to the store he was approached by a guy that said he was selling a brand new Apple laptop. Tommy looked the guy up and down. Tommy felt that the laptop was most likely stolen.

“You know that I’m a cop right?”

The guy did not skip a beat.

“Well in that case I will give you the police special discount. Give me $25 and take it. It’s brand new still in the box.”

Tommy shook his head. He thought about arresting this dickhead for a minute, then he thought about the fact that he’d never had a laptop and had always wanted to get himself one. And this was an Apple! For $25. Brand new still in the box! When was he ever going to run across another deal like this one? Tommy gave the guy $15 and let him off with a stern warning. The guy looked at the money like it was dirt, but he knew better than to argue with a cop. Tommy felt proud of himself as he watched the guy angrily walk away but not do anything about it. He felt more than pride. Tommy was feeling power. Tommy forgot all about buying a Playstation when he got his hands on that laptop. He was suddenly interested in taking it home and seeing what the internet had to offer.

With the momentum of the authority he’d displayed with the guy selling the laptop a little earlier still pumping in his veins, the first thing that Tommy did when he got to his house was do a Google search on police procedures. Then he moved on to arrest and videos of people getting locked up. Then he searched some laws. Tommy spent hours and hours searching everything police and law. After awhile the searching wore him out. Then Tommy did what most people who get on the internet for the very first time does when they’re alone. Searched for some porn. Tommy tried to overload on porn. He tried to overload on spankin’ the monkey too. Tommy’s multiple porn searches led him to a porn site with live cam models. Live!? Yes please! The temptation was too much for Tommy to resist. Tommy was addicted to the live cam model life instantly. Not only could he see live naked girls, but he could also pay them to do things. Whatever kind of things that he wanted! As long as he was willing to pay the price of course. Tommy had found a new love, he’d also found a new purpose in life too. His run in with the guy selling the laptop had shown him what a little power could do first hand. Tommy really liked that shit. He liked it almost as much as he liked paying to watch the cam girls. Tommy’s life now seemed to be headed in a very unexpected direction.


Pebbles put on Jahlil’s t-shirt and walked to the kitchen. She was immediately met with hugs and passionate kisses by Jahlil. Jahlil then pulled a chair out for Pebbles and told her to have a seat while he served her breakfast. Pebbles smiled and shook her head. She’d come into the kitchen in the hopes of getting some answers, instead things seemed to be getting a little more complicated……and interesting too! Pebbles decided not to rock the boat right now. She would just sit back and observe and see where this thing might go. After Jahlil finished making Pebbles’ plate he made one for himself. He put her plate in front of her then gently placed a napkin on her lap, along with a soft peck on the cheek. Jahlil sat his plate on the table and took a seat across from Pebbles. Jahlil shoved a mouthful of food into his mouth before he looked up and spoke.

“So Ms. Pebbles, tell me about yourself.”

“Like what?”

“For starters how serious were things between you and that guy from the bar?”

Pebbles sighed.

“Oh, you talking about Alvin.”

“That’s his name?”


“Ok, tell me, how serious are things between you and Alvin?”

“Things were very serious between us. I really thought that he was the one.”

“And now?”

“Now I’m sure that he is not. Like you said last night, no one deserves to be treated that way. I’m so stupid! I can’t believe I actually thought that asshole would change.”

“So that wasn’t the first time he put his hands on you?”

“Sadly, no. He has insecurity issues and he takes them out on me. It took me this long to realize that the insecurity issues has nothing to do with me. He is the one that needs to work out those issues……alone.”

Jahlil raised one eyebrow. He got the hint. There was no use in beating a dead horse.

“Well I’ve been thinking about me and you.”

Now it was Pebbles turn to raise an eyebrow.

“What about me and you?”

“I might be tripping, but it seemed like the connection we had last night was more than just physical. It seemed deeper. Like I said, maybe I’m just trippin’. I….”

Pebbles quickly jumped in before Jahlil could say anything else.

“No! You’re not trippin’. I was feeling the same way. I just didn’t know if I would’ve been out of place in saying anything about it.”

“What you mean?”

“Don’t act dumb. You know dudes be ready to haul ass the moment they think a chick is starting to catch feelings. I didn’t want to chase you away before I got the chance to really know you.”

Jahlil sat his fork down and looked deeply into Pebbles’ eyes.

“I know a good thing when I see it. Babe, you couldn’t chase me away if you tried.”

Jahlil swiped everything off of the table with one hand before he walked over and placed a passionate kiss on Pebbles lips. The passion quickly turned to lust, and before either one knew what had happened, they were having sex on the kitchen table. Breakfast has been served!

Pebbles ended up spending the whole day with Jahlil at his apartment. He convinced her to spend the night again too. It really didn’t take Jahlil much convincing because Pebbles really did not want to go back to her dorm room. She was certain that Alvin was somewhere back on campus waiting for her. There was no telling what his crazy ass might do. And even worse, what would she do? Would she be dumb enough to allow Alvin back into her life after he apologized for hitting her for the millionth time? Pebbles really had no time to think about all of that because when she got ready to leave Monday morning Jahlil suggested that she stay for a week. Lovestruck Pebbles quickly agreed. She said she just needed to go back to her dorm room and grab some clothes. Jahlil wasn’t letting his gem out of his sight for any amount of time. He made the suggestion that he would just give her some money and she could head downtown and just buy all new things. Pebbles liked this. She had finally found someone who was treating her like the queen she deserved to be treated as. Little did Pebbles know, she was not coming up. She was slowly working her way into debt. A debt that Jahlil planned to collect on. Jahlil went out to take care of business. He told Pebbles that she could use his brand new Mercedes Benz to get around town in. Pebbles felt like she was a princess in a fairytale as she drove herself around the city. Going from expensive store to expensive store. Buying whatever the hell she wanted. Money was not an issue. After an exhausting day of shopping Pebbles went back to the condo. Jahlil still wasn’t home yet. Pebbles decided to cook him dinner. Jahlil walked into the house that night with hot dinner on the stove and his girl cooking in some brand new, hot ass lingerie. After dinner the couple had sex all night until they fell asleep. On her fourth day at the condo Jahlil walked into the house with a surprise for Pebbles. He said that he had to go back to Mexico to finish helping his client with his book, and he wanted her to come along on the trip with him. When Pebbles asked what part of Mexico they were going to be staying in Jahlil told her that his business was elsewhere, but the couple would be staying at a luxurious hotel in Cabo San Lucas for the week that they were going to be there. Pebbles felt like she was living in a dream. She would have pinched herself if she wasn’t so scared that this may have woken her up from the great dream that she was living.


After his fantastic weekend of jerkin’ the chicken and reading anything and everything on the internet that he could find about being a police officer and the kinds of situations they faced on a daily basis, Tommy went back to work Monday morning with a purpose. He wanted to talk to as many cops as he could to try to get a little first hand experience into what kind of shit cops saw on their beat every day. Tommy decided to take a walk over to the other side of the building where the police in the district usually congregated when they weren’t on duty. The two places in the building that you were guaranteed to find a few officers standing around and shooting the shit were the lounging room or the weight room. Tommy decided to try his luck in the weight room. The minute he stepped foot inside the room he saw the exact person that he hoped would be in here. Jim. Tommy liked damn near everyone here, but Jim was someone that he considered a friend. Jim was the older guy who Tommy met at the front desk when he first walked into the precinct trying to get a job as a police officer. Tommy gravitated toward Jim right away. He was a cool dude who seemed to understand Tommy a little more than everyone else here, but the main reason Tommy took to Jim was because he’d once served in the Armed Forces just like Tommy had. Even though they’d served in very different branches of the Armed Forces, that brotherhood was still present. There was something about talking with someone who had been through the same things that you had that was different from talking to average civilians. Tommy walked up to Jim and Patted him on the shoulder as Jim was sitting up on the weight bench catching his breath before he did some more reps of the 275 lbs. he had sitting on the bar.

“Hey Jim how’s it going?”

Jim lit up like a xmas tree when he saw Tommy.

“There he is! Tommy Terrific! What’s going on kid?”

“Nothing much. I was on my way to the lounging area and I saw you in here so I peeked my head in for a minute to say what’s up.”

Jim nodded and grabbed his towel to wipe away some sweat.

“So what are you doing on this side of the precinct today? You ready to go out in the field or what?”

Tommy smiled slyly. He knew that Jim was just cracking a little joke, but he was actually hoping to get out there in the field, or something like that.

“I wish. I haven’t even done any studying for the academy yet. I’ve been so busy doing doubles, triples, and every other shift they’ve asked me to work. You know that we’re always short handed over there.”

Jim nodded once again.

“Well, there’s really nothing much to study for to be completely honest with you. The physical aspect is much less demanding than what we went through in the service. And as far as the written part…’s not all that hard, but if worse comes to worse you can always copy off of somebody’s paper right!?”

Jim roughly elbowed Tommy in the leg as he made his little joke. Tommy smiled and laughed uncomfortably.

“Yeah I guess you’re right. The thing that was getting me was that I wanted to at least have a little experience in seeing what it is like out there. There is really no test that can prepare you for the actual experience of being in the real thing. You know? That was one thing that they always taught us back in basic.”

Jim slowly nodded. He knew exactly what Tommy was talking about.

“I’ll tell you what. I’m working a double today and tonight. I’m riding solo on my late night shift. Why don’t you come along and be my partner for the late night shift. I’ll hook you up with a badge, my extra gun, and all. You can really find out what first hand feels like tonight if your up for it.”

Tommy smiled from ear to ear. He was definitely up for it. Hell, he had been born for this shit!

Tommy was barely able to control his excitement as he tried to finish his shift at work. He just couldn’t stop thinking of the possibilities for tonight. This shit was going to be epic! Tommy finished his shift and hurried home directly afterward. Jim said that he was going to stop by the house and pick him up at around 8pm. Tommy was excited for the whole ride-along thing tonight, but the thing that had him the most excited was the fact that Jim wasn’t rolling in a squad car tonight for his shift. Jim was rolling in an unmarked car for his patrol on the narcotics task force tonight. That was guaranteed action! Drug dealers wouldn’t even see it coming when the dynamic duo of Jim and Tommy rolled up on them tonight and split some wigs while taking some bad guys off the streets at the same time. Tommy searched for something to wear for the special occasion. He threw on a pair of jeans, a black leather jacket, and a pair of Timberland boots. Tommy felt that he might want to try to blend in with the folks on the streets just in case the situation called for it. Tommy was usually dressed casually in work appropriate attire. Slacks, button down shirt, black shoes. This was a big leap for him in the outfit department. Tommy heard a car’s horn blaring outside of his living room window at 8:00 pm on the dot. He ran to the window and put his head out.

“Hold on Jim. I’ll be right down!”

Tommy put his head back inside and grabbed his wallet and keys. He looked around the apartment to see if he might be forgetting anything. When he was satisfied that he had everything he needed he headed for the door and hurried downstairs. Jim smiled as Tommy approached and opened the car door.

“You ready to do this?”

“Hell yeah!”

Jim smiled before he reached over Tommy and into the glove compartment. He pulled some items out and handed them to Tommy.

“This is a badge. It’s fake, but it looks real enough that a perp will believe it’s real if you need to whip it out on him. And this is a service pistol. It doesn’t have any rounds in it. I can’t have you rolling around with me packing heat, and God forbid shoot someone. I’ll be on the unemployment line in the morning at the very best. At worst I’ll be doing time in a penitentiary. Anyway, I just want you to get a feel for what you will be holding on your hip when you do become an officer. Check it out. Get a feel for it.”

Tommy examined the gun for a minute before he pointed it at the window and faked a few practice shots.

“It’s a lot lighter than what we we’re carrying in the service.”

Jim nodded.

“Yeah, I know you’re probably used to the M16, but you hold onto that for awhile. My gift to you.”

Tommy smiled.

“Thanks Jim. It’s good to meet someone like you that understands. You’re the first person I’ve spent any extensive time with since I’ve been home. I just always feel out of place.”

Jim patted Tommy on the shoulder.

“No problem. Now let’s get out here and see if we can take a few bad guys off the streets tonight!”

Tommy liked Jim. He was a good person and seemed to be an even better police officer. Jim was one of the good guys. A guy who was out here to make a difference. A guy who was out here to make the community a better place to live in. A real protector of the people and server of justice. Jim was like a real life Captain America to Tommy.

Tommy rode shotgun in Jim’s unmarked car looking out of the window like a happy dog who was finally getting out of the house and getting some fresh air. Jim drove in what seemed like random destinations for about 25 minutes. He finally pulled over on Orianna Street right off of Cumberland. Tommy didn’t see much traffic on the little block, but this must be it! They were about to finally go into action! They were probably about to raid a crackhouse or something. Tommy grabbed his gun and got ready for action. Jim looked at him and smiled.

“Hold on a second cowboy! There’s no need for that just yet. We’re here on a surveillance mission. We might be here for awhile, we just gotta sit and watch.”

Tommy nodded eagerly.

“What are we watching for?”

“Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it.”

Jim laughed before he continued.

“Why don’t you walk around the corner to the deli and grab us a couple of steaks or something. It’s on me. Like I said, we might be here for awhile.”

Jim handed Tommy two $20 bills. Tommy nodded and took the money. It made sense to him. If long hours of surveillance were needed for the job then you may as well make yourself as comfortable as possible. Tommy walked around the corner to the deli and ordered two cheesesteaks. He searched the deli with his eyes for other things that they may need for this long surveillance mission ahead of them, like water, and maybe some large bottles just in case anyone needed to take a piss. It would definitely be a bad idea to get out of the car to take a piss when doing surveillance. You might tip off the suspect or scare them and make them suspicious. Tommy walked out of the deli with their food and a few other items he’d purchased. He took extra care to look like a normal civilian as he walked back to the car. Tommy grabbed the car door and pulled it open while looking over his shoulder behind him, in the direction of a barking stray dog up the street.


Tommy was startled by the sound of Jim’s voice yelling at him. He was even more startled when he turned around to see Jim sitting there getting a blow job. Tommy couldn’t see the chick’s face. All he could see was her ass as she had her knees on the passenger’s chair leaning over giving Jim a blow job. Tommy quickly closed the door and stood frozen outside of the car. What the hell was happening here? Had he just walked in on Jim and his wife? Why was Jim’s wife giving him a blowjob in the car? An even better question was what the fuck was Jim’s wife doing in the middle of North Philadelphia at 9:00 at night? Tommy turned his back to the car and just stood there outside of the car like a kid who’d just done something bad. Ten long minutes later Tommy heard the car ‘s door open. He still wasn’t sure if it was safe to turn around yet so he didn’t. Seconds later Tommy felt a hand on his dick. It wasn’t just a hand touching his dick. It was a hand cupping his whole shit, balls and all. Tommy let out an audible gasp. He’d never in his life been touched by a woman. He was frozen in place and time. Tommy felt a kiss on his neck right before he heard a voice.

“What’s your name honey?”

Tommy turned around to see the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen in his life smiling at him. A cute spanish chick who had her long hair wrapped up in a neat bun. Tommy damn near bust right there in his pants. He regained the use of his mouth long enough to answer the Puerto-Rican princess.


Tommy managed to stutter. The chick readjusted the grip that she had on Tommy’s manhood before she spoke, and playfully mocked him at the same time.

“Well T-Tommy, Jimmy is waiting for you. You’re kinda cute T-Tommy.”

She lightly brushed Tommy’s cheek before she walked away and disappeared into one of the many houses on the block. Tommy stood there in a trance as he watched the chick’s hips and ass shake and sway as she walked away.


Tommy was snapped out of his trance by the sound of Jim’s yelling voice. Tommy got into the car and closed the door behind him. Jim rubbed his hands together in anticipation.

“I see you got a big bag there. So what did you get besides the steaks? I meant to tell you to get some fries too.”

Tommy passed Jim the bag. Jim grabbed at his food right away and started eating from right out of the bag almost instantly. There was a long pause before Tommy finally spoke.

“Hey Jim I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to disrespect your wife like that.”

Jim stopped eating and looked at Tommy for a full 10 seconds before he bust out laughing and started speaking with a mouth full of food.

“MY WIFE!?? Jesus Christ Tommy! Me and my wife live in North Whales. Why on God’s green earth would you think that was my wife?? And why would she be in the middle of North Philly this time of night?”

Tommy shrugged.

“I mean……you two were……”

Jim laughed his ass off.

“I was getting my knob polished! I get my knob polished every night!”


Jim sighed before he continued.

“You see that house right there? 936.”


“In 936 resides a house full of pussy selling whores. I own this hood. Nobody makes money of any kind without paying me for that priveledge. You understand?”

“Yeah, I think so.”

“That fine Spanish big booty bitch that was giving me a blowjob was Belinda.”

Tommy rubbed at his neck uncomfortably.

“Well I’m glad that she wasn’t your wife, because Belinda grabbed my Johnson and told me that I was cute.”

Jim laughed his ass off before he continued.

“Belinda is the madame of the house. She doesn’t give her pussy and lips to anybody but me……and whoever else I tell her to give it to! That’s part of her daily payments to me.”

Jim looked at Tommy with a devilish grin before he continued.

“You want me to tell Belinda to come back out here and give you some?”

Tommy did. Tommy really did want Jim to tell Belinda to come back out here and give him some. He was scared though. Tommy was a virgin. He wanted his little secret to remain hidden. He was sure that if he had sex with Belinda she would know that he was a virgin. Then she would tell Jim. Then Jim would go to work tomorrow and tell everybody. Then Tommy would be laughed at by everyone in the building every day he came to work. Tommy wasn’t dumb, he’d seen “The 40 Year Old Virgin” before!

“Uh, maybe next time.”

Jim shrugged.

“Your loss. Whadda ya say we get back on the road and get back to solving some crime and doing some good huh?”

Jim passed Tommy the bag and had the car started and in gear before Tommy even had the chance to answer. Next up on the police tour was the other side of town. Jim pulled the car over on Colorado Street and killed the engine. He sat and stared at the traffic moving to and fro up the street.

“You see all that traffic up there Tommy?”


“Yup, they’re doing major numbers up there pushing their product. Weed, pills, dope, you name it, they’re selling it out there.”

Tommy could feel the blood begin to rush through his veins. This was it! Finally! The big bust that he’d been waiting for! He was about to see the good that Jim was doing in the neighborhood first hand. Even though Tommy had seen another side of Jim back there on Orianna Street, he still felt that Jim was one of the guys who was out here really doing some good. Suddenly Jim started the car back up and stepped hard on the gas in what seemed like one motion. He turned on Susquehanna Avenue in hot pursuit of a white Audi A6. Jim pulled up directly behind the car and flashed his high beams repeatedly. The Audi slowed down and pulled over. Jim pulled over behind them and grabbed his pistol and flashlight. He looked at Tommy.

“Alright kid! It’s time! You cover the passenger’s side of the car!”

Tommy had so many questions that he wanted to ask, but before he could, Jim was already out of the car and headed toward the Audi with his flashlight in one hand and his pistol in the other, pointing it at the car. Tommy jumped out of the car and did the same as he approached the passenger’s side of the car. Jim got to the driver’s side window, pulled out his badge, and identified himself as a police officer before he spoke.

“Good evening ladies. Where are you all in a rush to tonight?”

As Tommy approached the passenger’s side window he got a good look at the occupants of the vehicle. It was two white girls, most likely in their early twenties. A further look into the car bought Tommy to the conclusion that the women were students at Temple University, with all of the Temple paraphannelia in the car and all. Tommy lowered his weapon. To Tommy’s surprise, Jim didn’t do the same. He actually seemed to be getting more aggressive.

“We’re headed back to campus.”

The driver of the car responded to Jim’s question. Jim rubbed his chin with his weapon as he stared down the driver.

“And what campus is that?”

“Temple University.”

The ladies answered simultaneously. Jim nodded.

“So what are you ladies doing in this neighborhood? You do know that this is a high crime/drug area of the city don’t you?”

The ladies looked at each other like they’d just been caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Before they could answer Jim continued.

“Step out of the vehicle please.”

Jim looked over at Tommy.

“Pull the passenger out partner.”

The drive exited the car and Jim immediately put her up against the car and started to search her.


The driver of the car loudly protested. Jim reached into her back pocket and pulled out a few bags of weed and a few bags of coke also. He flashed the drugs in the chick’s face.

“You see this? This says that I can do whatever the hell I want to!”

Jim turned the chick around and made her face him.

“So what are we going to do about this? Do you really want to go to jail and have something like drug possession and attempted distribution on your record? That’s a class ‘A’ felony you know?”

The chick sighed and sucked her teeth.

“I don’t have any other choice now do I?”

Jim smiled from ear to ear.

“There are always other choices. Let’s go over to my car and talk about it.”

The chick shrugged and followed Jim back to his car. Jim stopped and turned around.

“Oh yeah. Your friend too.”

The driver waved her friend over and they both followed Jim to the car and got inside. Before Jim opened the car door he looked at Tommy.

“Hey partner, do me a favor and keep watch for me would ya?”

Tommy nodded. He stood on the side of the road wondering what the fuck had just happened. Twenty minutes later the women exited Jim’s car. They quickly walked to their car with their heads down, got inside, and drove off. Tommy walked back to the car and got inside. Jim was leaning back in the chair smoking. He attempted to pass it to Tommy.

“Those chicks were nice enough to share a little more than that good pussy with me! You know what I mean?! Hey kid, you want some?”

Tommy shook his head. Jim shrugged and started the car up. He pulled off headed toward their next destination. The whole rest of the night went this way. Jim used his badge and authority to get whatever he wanted from people all night. It seemed like most people were willing to do practically anything to get out of going to jail when they were caught red-handed. Jim dropped Tommy off back at his house right around 4am, right before he headed down to the station to do some paperwork. Tommy walked into his house and took his jacket off. He pulled his gun out of the jacket pocket and sat it on his entertainment center. Tommy headed to his couch and plopped down. He jumped up when he felt something poking him inside of his pants pocket. Tommy reached inside. It was the fake badge. He’d forgot to give it back to Jim. Tommy looked at the badge as he thought about the events that had taken place tonight. The reality that Jim was not a good guy was hitting Tommy in the face like a sack full of bricks right now. Jim was nothing more than a bully who abused the power that he was handed. He abused his power and trust that had been placed in him to fulfill all of his twisted sexual desires. Tommy shook his head as he looked at the badge in his hand. This little shield gave someone the right to do whatever they wanted, to whoever they wanted to do things to. The badge was power. Jim used his power to get his way in the world. As odd as it may have seemed, Tommy was not disgusted by the thought of this. He was actually turned on when he thought about Big Booty Belinda, the pretty white girls, and the thought that he could get that or something close to it with this magic badge that he was holding in his hands. A light bulb seemed to appear over Tommy’s head as he suddenly came up with a bright idea. Tommy grabbed his stolen Apple laptop and opened it up. Jim wasn’t getting this badge back.



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