26 people were killed and at least 20 more people were injured when 26-year old domestic terrorist, Devin Patrick Kelly decided to walk into a church and open fire from an AR-556 rifle he was carrying. As police and FBI attempt to piece together a motive for the horrible tragedy, a few details about the shooter has unraveled. The one that might actually put a motive to this horrible tragedy is the fact that the shooter’s estranged wife and in-laws attended the church. The wife nor in-laws were present at the time of the shooting.




The President of the United States interrupted his trip abroad to weigh in on the tragedy. Speaking from Japan, Trump expressed condolences to the victims of the shooting. He also said that the shooter was mentally ill and that the shooting was caused by a mental health problem, not an issue with U.S. gun laws. Just last week the president called for a travel ban for Muslims from certain Countries once again, when a single individual drove a truck through a crowded New York bike path. The president also called that person an animal and called for his immediate execution. The shooting that took place in Texas yesterday, along with the horrible shooting tragedy in Las Vegas where over 50 people were killed by high-powered automatic rifles, both caused the president to sing a different tune. In those cases the shooter was “mentally ill” and there was no need for tougher gun laws, because these acts were committed by one mentally ill individual. The president doesn’t even consider a mass-shooting done by a white man as terrorism. He will never define it as such, no matter how many times it happens, or how many people it kills. But, when the one mentally ill in individual who commits a horrible act or crime is Muslim or from the Middle East, then his act is immediately considered terrorism in the eyes of the president. It’s also no longer the actions of one “mentally ill” individual, that “individual’s” crimes become the actions of a whole religion, therefore a travel ban from whatever Country the individual is from must be implemented. This is the mind of the president of the united States. The mind of an evil, racist, individual who seems hell-bent on dividing, and tearing this Country apart.

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