The Philadelphia 76ers have announced that the team will be without its star rookie for at least the next three games. This comes a day after Fultz’s agent claimed that Fultz had to have fluid drained from his shoulder, and that he could barely raise his arm to shoot. That claim was later revised to “Fultz had fluid added to his shoulder” by way of cortisone shot. Sixers GM Brian Colangelo says that Fultz is not injured, but he’ll sit a few games and be reevaluated. That’s where the conspiracies theories come in. For the last three or four seasons, the 76ers have repeatedly shut down players for entire seasons if they even thought that one of their star rookies were even slightly injured. Even today, the team still has star center Joel Embiid on a nightly minutes restriction. If the 76ers have been moving like this for all of these years, why would they allow the rookie Fultz to play if they even thought that he was a little injured? This brings people to believe that the 76ers are hiding something. Fultz may very well be having injury issues, but in my opinion he’s having more of an issue with his confidence. Even when Fultz doesn’t have the ball in his hands he looks unsure of himself and sometimes out of place on the court. I think the young rookie is having a harder time adjusting to the NBA game than the team and Fultz’s agent are willing to admit. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe after having his shoulder re-evaluated, Fultz will come back to the team and look like the high lottery draft pick that everybody thought he was. Maybe not. I think there’s a lot more going on with this situation with Markelle Fultz than the 76ers are willing to admit to.

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