The attacks against Rep. Frederica Wilson by White House staff were purposely plotted and carried out by Donald Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, and John Kelly. The remarks by the trio and other staff were intended to defend Trump by calling the Congresswoman childish names and making claims that she was somehow the worst person on earth. These adults, and other White House staff were well aware of what their purposeful and premeditated comments would do beforehand. It was part of the plan. Rile up the base by giving them someone to attack and a false reason to attack that person, all while deflecting from the true fact that Donald Trump got caught lying…..once again. Do you honestly believe that they didn’t know that a base that was jacked up on hate and racism would do anything other than make death threats against a black woman for simply having the audacity to tell the truth? Do you think the White House even cared about the backlash from their childish and hateful words? Most likely they didn’t. This administration never seems to bother worrying about the repercussions of their child-like actions and statements, or understand the power that the office of the president of the United States really holds. Positive or negative.


CBS News (@cbsnews) reports that the Congresswoman’s office was bombarded with calls of death threats after Trump, Sanders, and Kelly’s separate but equally childish and hateful comments directed at Ms. Wilson. Her staff told CBS that the calls were directly related to the phone call from Trump to Sgt. La David Johnson’s widow Myeshia Johnson. The Congresswoman’s staff said they alerted the Capital Police, Miami Garden Police and the threat division of the U.S. House Of Representatives. I can only guess that other than threatening the Congresswoman’s life, the calls were mostly racially motivated. The White House basically sent a message out to their racially charged and biased base. Attack anyone who has the nerve to disagree with anything Trump says. And that’s exactly what they did to Ms. Wilson. So far no one has been arrested in relation to the crime. I’ll keep you posted if anything changes, as this is a story I will continue to watch and follow very closely.

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