You ever saw those pics on Instagram or Twitter captioned “Cooking for bae” and the picture is off some good looking fried chicken accompanied by a tasty side dish? Then in the comments somebody’s roasting the poster for attempting to pass off Popeye’s chicken as their own? Yeah, somebody pulled off a “cooking for bae” post in real-life.



The New York Daily News (@NYDailyNews) reports that a Long Beach California restaurant has drawn criticism for re-serving Popeye’s chicken and passing it off to their customers as their own. (A tactic that will probably get you killed in the world of drug dealing) Sweet Dixie Kitchen’s Kimberly Sanchez told an ABC 7 reporter that she’s been serving breakfast and lunch at her place for years. Sanchez told ABC 7 that most of the items on the menu are made from scratch inside the restaurant…..except for the fried chicken that comes with a chicken and waffles meal. A customer spotted a Sweet Dixie employee sneaking in the back door with a sh*tload of boxes from Popeyes during Sweet Dixie’s re-up. That same employee outed the restaurant on Yelp. According to the employee, and the restaurant’s menu, the flick of the wrist game is crazy at the restaurant. $3 or $4 dollar Popeyes chicken is going for $15 at Sweet Dixie’s. Sanchez was not embarrassed by the claims of serving Popeyes at her spot. She took to Facebook to defend her hustle.



“We proudly serve Popeyes spicy tenders – the best fried chicken anywhere! And from New Orleans  – which are delivered twice a day.”


The flip game is real!

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