By: Kareem Rahman



I just watched a segment on CNN shortly after Gen. John Kelly stood up and made a “compassionate” speech about soldiers, and what I’m guessing was an attempt to cover up the despicable words that Donald Trump said to a grieving widow of an American soldier and patriot, Sgt. La David T. Johnson, killed in action. In a long drawn out speech that was meant to tug at the heart-strings of the “good ol’ American” crowd, Kelly described how hard it was to make the call to the families of a fallen soldier. Kelly went on to confirm exactly what Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, Cowanda Jones(Sgt. Johnson’s mother), and Myeshia Johnson(Sgt. Johnson’s widow), had all said. That Trump told Myeshia Johnson that Sgt. Johnson “knew what he was signing up for.” Kelly went on to explain how he’d told Trump how President Obama had once said something similar to this to the family of a fallen soldier. Of course, Trump, who oddly idolizes Obama by hating him, took the opportunity to attempt to do the same, in the exact same way. Long story short: TRUMP FUCKED UP ONCE AGAIN. Trump, “the all-knowing” called Mrs. Johnson as she was on her way to retrieve her husband’s remains from Miami International airport. The last thing a grieving widow wants to hear in this moment is “he knew what he signed up for.” Everything said after that probably really didn’t mean much…. Words matter. We don’t know what Trump’s intent was, but his words struck the widow and other passengers in the vehicle as rude, uncaring, and disrespectful. Cool, his words may have not been received in the manner that he attempted them to be. This is simply a misunderstanding. The easy way to make this right is to simply, sincerely apologize if your words weren’t accepted in the manner that you attempted them to be. No problem. No harm, no foul. Instead of taking the simple, and correct way out by apologizing to the widow of a fallen patriot who gave his life fighting for this Country, Trump decided that it was best to call Congresswoman Frederica Wilson (who was sitting next to Myeshia Johnson in the car and also listening to the conversation that Mrs Johnson had on speakerphone), a liar. Which also translated into the president calling Sgt. Johnson’s mother and widow liars, because they confirmed Congresswoman Wilson’s account of the phone call. Which leads us up to this afternoon. John Kelly attacked Congresswoman Wilson for telling the truth about the phone call and everything that Trump said in it. Instead of Kelly saying, yeah, Trump fucked up again and apologizing, Kelly decided to use his military standing, and name, to once again fire up Trump’s base. Ok, let’s break down a few things. The base claims to be very upset and angry at the protesting players in the NFL because kneeling during the singing of the National Anthem disrespects our Country and the brave men who fought and are currently fighting for it. BUT, the president of the United States calling the mother and widow of a fallen soldier who died fighting for this Country does not? Was the anger at players kneeling during the Anthem ever really about the flag or the troops? OF COURSE IT WASN’T, but that’s not what this is about. What this is about, is that I watched analyst after analyst on cable news networks who were scared to call Gen. Kelly out on his bullshit simply because…..I don’t know, I guess because people are building him up as this “Captain America” or some shit. I don’t know….. What I do know is that Trump and the administration knew what would happen when they marched Kelly out there this afternoon, which is why they chose this afternoon to do so. Nobody in the mainstream news media were going to openly dispute any bullshit that came rolling out of Kelly’s mouth. NOBODY. It would’ve been like career suicide to speak out against a decorated General like Kelly, even if he’s clearly complicit in this administration’s corrupt game. Maybe Kelly was a good man with an outstanding record of military service at one time. All of those accolades went flying out the window the second that he decided to take a position with an administration that is clearly filled with the very worse people this world has to offer. This is not my opinion. Everybody in the media who is not on board with this band of crooks knows it, and has no problem saying it…..except when it comes to Gen. Kelly. You don’t think the administration knows this? You don’t think this is the reason they sent Gen. Kelly out there this afternoon, instead of simply apologizing to a fallen soldier’s widow and mother, which would have been 100 times easier than going through all of this? Trump fucked up. He’s not Obama and never will come close to being Obama. He can’t do what Obama does, simply because he doesn’t have a soul. Donald Trump never has, and never will understand simple compassion, empathy, or sympathy. These are things that are in you, not things you can learn…. especially at 70-something years old. For that simple reason, no matter how many of President Obama’s policies that Donald Trump attempts to overturn, he will never, ever, come close to being capable of walking in Obama’ shoes! But you can do one thing right in your life….APOLOGIZE TO CONGRESSWOMAN WILSON, MS. COWANDA JONES, and MRS. MYESHIA JOHNSON SO THAT THIS FAMILY CAN GRIEVE FOR THEIR LOSS IN PEACE!

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