Early on in the first quarter of the Boston Celtics vs Cleveland Cavs season opening game last night, Gordon Hayward appeared to have suffered a horrific looking injury. Hayward’s lay on the floor in pain as he leg was clearly twisted in a way a leg should not twist. Players looked on in horror as Hayward lay on the ground in pain suffering from what appeared to be a broken leg.(It was later reported that Hayward had suffered an ankle injury. Still might be a season-ending injury.) Even the Cavs fans in the Quicken Loans Stadium in Cleveland seemed to be concerned with the health of the newly acquired Boston Celtic forward. Everybody in the basketball world seemed to be concerned with the health and well being of Gordon Hayward. Skip Bayless was concerned with other things, as he Tweeted immediately after the horrific looking injury to Hayward:


capture+_2017-10-17-23-41-231537767725..png  Bayless’ Tweet about Gordon Hayward really wasn’t all that bad. It wasn’t even about Gordon Hayward.(half of it) What Bayless’ Tweet was, was tone-deaf. While the man was still on the ground writhing in pain, and probably in shock from seeing his leg bent in such an unnatural manner, Bayless had already moved on to speaking about what Hayward’s injury was going to mean to the Eastern Conference. If we’re being completely honest, Skip’s Tweet wasn’t really outrage-worthy. But being as though it was Skip Bayless who Tweeted it there was immediate backlash from players and fans alike. The Tweet was definitely tone-deaf, but not 100% disrespectful. It wasn’t like he Tweeted “I’m glad Hayward got hurt” or anything like that. Nevertheless, the Tweet was enough to enrage fans and players alike, and if it’s one thing I’m always here for…’s Skip Bayless slander! So why not pile onto the slander? “SKIP THAT WAS MESSED UP! YOU ARE COMPLETELY CLASSLESS FOR THAT!” I don’t know about you, but I feel a lot better after getting that off my chest. By the way, the Cavs won that game last night 102-99.

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