There were questions surrounding if Donald Trump had contacted the families of the four fallen soldiers who were killed during an ambush in Niger over a week ago. At an impromptu press conference in the Rose Garden before press corps. this week, Trump said that he “would be calling the families of the fallen soldiers soon.” That was also the same wild Q&A with the press where Trump claimed to be the only president to call the families of fallen soldiers. A statement he immediately walked back, and then went on Fox radio the next day to confirm once again. There has been back and forth on the Trump statement on both sides. A statement I can’t imagine being true. Donald Trump is the only president to ever call the families of fallen soldiers? C’mon man. The average not brainwashed person, realizes that this is common protocol for a sitting president of the United States. But still, Trump is going to attempt to push a lie that has documented proof of the truth being opposite of what he’s claiming. The point of all of that is credibility. When it comes down to it, who is more believable? Any person in the world or Donald Trump?



It was reported yesterday that Donald Trump did make contact with at least one of the wives of the fallen American Patriots from the Niger attack. Myeshia Johnson, the widow of Sgt. La David T. Johnson, one of the four fallen soldiers in the Niger attack, received a phone call from the president of the United States as she was on her way to meet the body of her deceased husband at Miami International airport.



Accompanied by Florida Congresswoman Rep. Fredirica Wilson, the grieving widow received a call from the president of the United States. The president said “But you know he must’ve known what he signed up for.” Ms. Wilson said the president repeated several times during the 3-5 minute phone conversation. Myeshia Johnson had the call on speakerphone. Meaning more than one person heard the president’s words. Wilson said that Mrs. Johnson stated “he didn’t even remember the name” immediately after she ended the call. Wilson added that Mrs. Johnson said “That’s the hurting part.” (That the president didn’t even remember the name of the fallen soldier, even though his staff certainly had to inform him of who he was calling and why beforehand.) In true Trump fashion, he took to Twitter this morning to claim that Ms. Wilson was a liar, and that she was making up the whole story for some sort of political gain or other reason. Will he also call the widow of a fallen soldier who died bravely fighting for our Country a liar too if she confirms that the story is true?



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