If you want to know why I say the Russian propaganda ads placed all over social media sites during the 2016 presidential election worked, just take a look at this picture.





As you can see, the game clock clearly says 0:00. The clock also shows that this is the time left in the 4th and final quarter of a 24-17 Jets loss. And if that isn’t enough, take a close look at the people in the stadium. They’re leaving. This picture was clearly taken after the game was over, once fans began exiting the stadium. Besides, I saw the game, and the stadium was not that empty during. But, even if you had not watched the game yesterday, it didn’t take a  huge amount of research to see that the person who captioned this picture, did so in an attempt to mislead people. The comments under the picture showed how easily people can be misled. There were a few people with common sense who took notice of the game clock and quarter, but there were a huge number of people who agreed with the poster of the picture, simply because this was what they wanted to believe. When a person wants to believe a thing, proof of any kind becomes irrelevant. They don’t need proof. They just need to see that someone believes what they do. This is exactly how the Russian ads worked during the 2016 presidential campaign, and are still working today. Willful ignorance. Being willfully ignorant is a whole lot easier than using common sense. Using common sense takes some individual thinking. Willful ignorance allows someone to do the thinking for you, all you need to do is agree. Russia will be back to hack another one of our elections. Sad to say, but with so many willful ignorant people in our Country who are allowed to vote, Russia will probably succeed in swaying our election results whichever way they wish…….again. When an outside Nation can put a person they choose in a position of power in our Country. We have to ask ourselves…….Are we really living in a Democracy anymore?

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