Rapper Bow-Wow got dragged by Twitter once again. This time for a photo that he Tweeted.



The original photo was of the DEATH ROW roster in the 90’s. A fan photoshopped Bow’s picture into the photo and Tweeted @ him. I guess Bow Wow liked the photo so he retweeted it. The issue some Twitter users had with the photo is that many claimed that Bow Wow wasn’t part of DEATH ROW. If speaking about having an impact while at the label, that might be true…….but, it’s also true that Bow Wow likely grew up around most of the artist in that picture. Snoop Dogg discovered Bow Wow when he was very young and practically took him under his wing. Snoop himself even said that young Bow Wow went on tour with him before. Kid Gangsta’ now known as Bow Wow, changed his name in 1993 after meeting rapper Snoop Dogg while at THE CHRONIC tour. Bow Wow was six years old at the time. Snoop Dogg took to the youngster right away, and began allowing the young rapper to even perform on stage alongside him while on the tour. Young Bow Wow made an appearance on Snoop Dogg’s first solo album Doggystyle later on in the same year. Peep this….Bow Wow was briefly signed to Death Row Records in 1993, although he was basically put on the shelf because Death Row wasn’t a label for child acts. They were mostly known for that gangsta, gangsta shit and a little R&B here and there.(Mich’ele, Danny Boy and a few others) Because the gangsta shit was what the label mostly specialized in at the time, they had no idea what to do with the six (6) year old. Bow Wow’s contract with Death Row basically turned into nothing…….BUT, it is true that Bow Wow was once a part of the notorious Death Row roster.

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