It looks like the Harvey Weinstein situation may have opened floodgates that have been sealed for many years. If you’re someone in an executive position in any industry with a history of sexual harassment, you’re probably going to be getting exposed soon, as more and more victims are finding the courage to finally speak out against this behavior.



The latest to be exposed is Amazon studio executive Roy Price. The New York Times (nytimes) reported that Price, the executive in charge of Amazon’s investment in movies and television, has been suspended by the company after a Hollywood producer publicly accused him of making unwanted sexual advances toward her. Price was accused of lewdly propositioning Isa Dick Hackett, a producer of one of it’s most popular shows. Isa Hackett is an executive producer of the Amazon series ‘The Man In The High Castle.’ Hackett said that Price made unwanted sexual advances toward her two years ago after a dinner at a Comic-Con in San Diego.



According to an article in the Hollywood Reporter, Hackett entered a cab with Price and Michael Paull on July 10, 2015, as they were making their way to an after-party. Hackett said that Price repeatedly propositioned her in the cab, once making use of a vulgar term for male genitalia. At the party, Hackett said Price approached her while she was speaking to other executives and shouted “Anal sex!” directly in her ear.



In a statement, an Amazon spokesman said “Roy Price is on a leave of absence effective immediately.”

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