6’3″ 240 pound former football player turned movie star, Terry Crews, says that he was once sexually assaulted by a Hollywood Executive. Crews took to Twitter to explain the incident in a series of Tweets this afternoon. Crews said his story is one that is familiar in Hollywood circles. Crews never named the person in question, but this does add to the latest in a series of reported sexual assaults coming out of Tinseltown. I know in Terry Crews case, some people will say “I don’t believe him. How a big black man let a little white man sexually assault him?” What those people don’t understand is that sexual assault is about having power over a person. That power does not always come in the physical form. When you are in a position to make or break someone’s livelihood, you hold power over that person. Whether you’re a judge, a police officer, politician, or in this case Hollywood Executive. Power is a strange thing that makes people do strange things to other people, simply because they feel that they can. Sometimes they feel entitled to it. Since more and more people are finding the courage to speak out about being sexually assaulted, I think we will see a lot more people who hold power over others being exposed in the weeks and months to come. Not just Hollywood people, all people who have power over another person and has abused that power in some shape or form, is at risk of being exposed. I say good for them!

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