Vice President of the United States Mike Pence Tweeted his displeasure at the NFL and its players after several members of the San Francisco 49ers took a knee during the National Anthem before today’s, 49ers -Colts game this afternoon.



Mike Pence is a man who has shown previously that he will take any and every opportunity to stay in Donald Trump’s good graces, and this was just another instance of that. Mike Pence decided to go to a football game today, after he and the president made such a fuss about not supporting the NFL because of its players kneeling in protest of police brutality and widespread racism in the Country. Today Mike Pence decided to attend a football game after publicly speaking out against the protest over the last few weeks. Did Mike Pence really think that the protest were going to magically stop this afternoon? Did Mike Pence think the protest were going to stop because he was attending the game? Of course not. What happened is exactly what Mike Pence planned for, and hoped would happen. It gave him another opportunity to ensure that he would stay in Donald Trump’s good graces. It also gave him a needed opportunity to rally up the Trump base in support of him, once again. Mike Pence is twenty times more dangerous than Donald Trump. Pence realizes that a big part of him being able to step in whenever Trump is gone is to have Trump’s base on his team. Mike Pence is no dummy. Mike Pence is a career politician who understands how to play the game. Mike Pence is twenty times more dangerous than Donald Trump.

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