“The fine people” that president Trump once praised, returned to Charlottesville last night. Led by Richard Spencer (whose claim to fame came from getting punched in the face), the Tiki Torch carrying racist returned to the scene of the crime to hold another demonstration. The last time the racist thugs were in town, the day ended with a young woman being killed and dozens of people injured.



After the rally last night, the group of about 50 white supremacist promised to keep coming back to the city to hold demonstrations. Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer Tweeted that the city had “another despicable visit by neo-nazi cowards.” Signer said that he is looking at all legal options to take against the group of racist instigators. The racist group marched to the statue of Robert E Lee that sits in the town square. The statue is now covered in a black tarp. Spencer told his fellow dumb asses “We are here to represent white America’s interest.” There were no reported incidents of violence reported……this time.


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