1600 rounds of ammunition and 50 pounds of explosive materials were found in Las Vegas shooter Stephen Paddock’s car. CNN (@cnn) reported that the explosives and ammunition found in Paddock’s car were in addition to the 23 weapons he had inside of his Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino hotel suite. Investigators believe Paddock planned to survive the massacre. Las Vegas Police Sheriff Joseph Lombardo said “he was doing everything possible to see how he could escape.” There is still no motive for Paddock’s killing spree. New evidence shows that Paddock fired on two fuel tanks, hitting one, before he turned the gunfire on the concertgoers.




Family and friends that knew Paddock insist that the domestic terrorist had no military training, and there was nothing in his past that said he was capable of committing an act as horrible as the one Paddock committed in Las Vegas. Paddock’s assault was committed with military style precision, which is leading “analyst” to come up with a lot of theories about the shooting. Some say that “there was something that happened in his life that sent him over the edge.” Others believe Paddock may have “had a beef with the casino or even Las Vegas itself.” I personally believe in a different theory. One a little less complicated, and a lot less believable, but it’s a theory that evidence collected so far seems to support. My theory: Paddock didn’t act alone. At very least, someone showed him the best way to do what he did. The two shots fired at the fuel tank shows that this was probably a job that he planned on coming out of alive. I know this sounds crazy, but bear with me for a minute: The two shots at the gas tanks diverts attention, and maybe even the sound of gun fire if it explodes. In the confusion and self-made cover, Paddock fires off massive rounds at the crowd of concertgoers. For his second diversion, Paddock blows up his car that is full of explosives and parked in an area that is totally out of the way of the concert shooting. At this point people are in a panic. Is Isis attacking? Is the world coming to an end? In the confusion, the hotels on the strip, including the Mandalay Bay where Paddock is staying, starts to evacuate all the guest. Paddock sneaks out of the hotel in the midst of the mass evacuations and slips off to the airport under the cover of the night. While law enforcement are still back at the hotels on the strip cautiously searching room by room, Paddock has already boarded a flight out of the Country, most likely to a place where his girlfriend is not currently at. She stays where she is until the heat dies down, and the FBI interrogates her, which everybody knows is coming. After the grilling by the FBI and maybe a year to let things cool down, she meets Paddock somewhere in the Caribbean, or Brazil, or any other place law enforcement would not think to search for him at. I know it sounds like a movie script, but with no other clues at the moment…can you 100% say that my theory is wrong? And as for the why this happened? Why else? MONEY. There is likely a Swiss bank account or some other hidden account somewhere with a few million dollars sitting inside of it at this very moment. Somebody is just waiting for the perfect time to go and snatch it up. That perfect time may be next year, it may be ten years from now, but the money is still there…..waiting.

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