Republican Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana said that the shooing in Las Vegas has only served to fortify his position against gun control. If you remember, Scalise was one of the victims of gun violence over the summer when a lone gunman opened fire on the Louisiana Rep. and his colleagues as they practiced for the annual Democrat/Republican baseball game. Scalise was shot during the summer. After weeks in the hospital, and months of recovery, Scalise was finally able to return to work just this week, where he was welcomed with a standing ovation by colleagues from both sides of the political spectrum.


“Look at some of those bills. Those bills wouldn’t have done anything to help this.” Scalise told Fox News host Martha MacCallum during an interview Tuesday night. “When there’s a tragedy like this, the first thing we should be thinking about is praying for the people who were injured and doing everything to help them. Scalise added “We shouldn’t first be thinking of promoting our political agenda. I think we see too much of that, where people say OK, now you have to have gun control.”



In June, Scalise was hit in the hip with a bullet as 66 year-old James Hodgkinson fired off rounds at Scalise and his Republican colleagues from an SKS semi-automatic rifle, wounding Scalise and four others. Hodgkinson died from his injuries after a brief shoot-out with police. “People use guns way more to defend themselves from criminals, than criminals use guns to hurt people.” Scalise said in the interview Tuesday night. Some Democrats and public figures have accused Scalise and fellow Republicans of being in bed with the NRA, who reportedly gave $30 million to Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential campaign. The NRA has been pushing for even less restrictive gun laws. Most notably, a law that would allow for gun ownership without the need of a psychic evaluation of any type. The NRA has also been pushing for the legalization of silencers for weapons. A deadly addition to a rifle that probably would’ve allowed the Vegas shooter to kill many more people before he was discovered to be firing at concertgoers from a 32nd story window, if he’d had one.  The NRA has been under heavy scrutiny after the Vegas shooting. So far, they’ve made no statements on the shooting, or any recent posts to their Twitter or Facebook accounts since the Las Vegas shooting, as of yet.

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