The NBA is changing up the All-Star game. NBA analyst, some players, and fans have complained about the process of selecting the games participants for years. Previously, the starters were voted in by fans and the benches were voted on by players and coaches. The argument has always been that some players who deserved to be in the game didn’t make the cut because they weren’t popular enough among the fan base. Well, all of that is about to change. Now, the top two players to receive the most fan votes will pick the teams. No more East vs. West, no more reason to play competitive ball….not like the All-Star game was ever about that anyway. I see the game now being just like a game in the playground. If the Captain decides to pick a weird ass team, you are going to have a weird ass game. Depending on who the Captains of the two teams are going to be, we may get exactly that from this year’s All-Star game. A weird ass game full of weird ass players who aren’t our favorites, or even the most deserving to play in the game. On Tuesday afternoon the NBA and the NBA Player Association released a statement regarding the leagues new all-star game rules and process:



“This will mark the NBA’s first All-Star Game without a matchup between the Eastern Conference and the Western Conference. Under the revamped format, two captains will draft the 2018 All-Star teams from the pool of players voted as starters and reserves, making selections without regard for Conference affiliation. The captains will be the All-Star starter from each Conference who receives the most fan votes in his Conference.”



This is a bad idea. I can’t see it any other way. The competition between the East versus the West was the main thing that made the game great to me. But, if you take a close look at the league, you would see that something like this happening was inevitable, as most of the Eastern Conferences best players have seemed to be making their way West over the last few years. The chances of a competitive East vs. West game would probably be little to none.



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