O.J. Simpson was quietly released from prison early Sunday morning before the light of day. Simpson sported a prison issue hat, sneakers, and denim jean jacket and pants as he exited the prison and got a whiff of fresh air for the first time in over 9 years. Simpson exits the prison and walks into a world that was much different than the one he left way back in 2008. The world has become much more in your face, and a lot more ignorant since then. Privacy is a thing that doesn’t really exist anymore. Especially since most people have camera phones….and no regard for a person’s privacy whatsoever. When Simpson last lived among the free-folk, the only worries of being filmed came from large media outlets. It’s a very different story today, as Simpson quickly found out as he sat in the back of a white SUV parked at a gas station. A “Splash News” employee ran up on Simpson as he sat in the back of the SUV. Trapped in the back seat of the van as the driver was probably inside of the gas station paying for gas, Simpson had no choice but to interact with the persistent paparazzo.


“I’m in a car for the last five hours, so how do I know how it feels to be out?” Simpson responded to the persistent pap who bombarded him with question after question. A clearly irritated Simpson kept his composure, while asking for privacy, the best that he was capable of. Later on, Simpson finally had the opportunity to enjoy his first meal as a free man in nine years. He chose Mcdonalds. When asked about the meal by The New York Daily News, Simpson’s attorney, Malcolm LaVergne replied “He said, it’s better than prison food, but it’s not what it’s all cracked up to be.” LaVergne also added “He was happy to be eating something on the outside.”


Simpson’s lawyers say that he will remain in Nevada for an unspecified amount of time. State Parole officials say Simpson will be living in the Las Vegas area for the time being. Simpson’s lawyers say that he will eventually make his way to Florida, where his children and close friends reside. Florida’s State Attorney General has publicly stated that he doesn’t want Simpson residing in the State. To that, LaVergne added “the days of telling black people where they can and can not live is long gone.”

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