Apparently so. Eric Sondheimer of the LA Times (@latimes) reports that Lamelo will be getting pulled from his Chino Hills High School on Tuesday. Lavar Ball said of the top high school prospect in the Country “I’m going to make him the best basketball player ever.” The 16 year-old will be home-schooled while he trains with his dad. Lamelo Ball once scored 92 points in a game last season. Lavar had been reportedly having some issues with Chino Hills new basketball coach Dennis Latimore. “It’s good for Melo. Less distractions. He just needs to focus.” The elder Ball added. The next time the public will get an opportunity to see Lamelo play will be next spring in “travel ball.” Lavar said Lamelo still intends to attend UCLA after high school. Lavar Ball is the owner of The Big Baller Brand. At only 16 years-old, Lamelo is already signed to his dad’s sneaker company. Lamelo also has his own signature shoe. Eldest Ball brother Lonzo is a rookie with the Los Angeles Lakers. Middle brother Liangelo will be a freshman at UCLA this year. There was some controversy a few months back about if Lamelo would still be able to play high school ball after he signed his sneaker deal. Turns out, he is still eligible to play high school ball. That is not the reason that Lavar is pulling Lamelo from high school. Since the Ball brothers and Papa Lavar have been in the spotlight, Lavar Ball has made some controversial statements and business moves, to say the least. Lavar has been an all-or-nothing gambler from day one. Most people can’t understand that. All some people can see is the “what if things go bad?” All-or-nothing gamblers never consider such things. All they can see is the payoff if things go right. Hate him or love him, Lavar Ball is an all-or-nothing gambler. If these risky moves he’s making should happen to pay off, they’re going to pay off BIG.

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