Minutes after saying that he wouldn’t rest until Puerto Rico was taken care of, Donald Trump took off in Air Force One and headed off to one of his golf resorts for the 67th time this year. In the midst of at least three crisis that directly affect the president of The United States, he went off on another weekend golfing excursion. There’s that unsettling situation with North Korea on the horizon, the recent firing of…excuse me, resignation of his HHS Secretary, a really bad tax reform bill that the president and the GOP are trying to sell to the American people, and many more issues. Still, the president found a way to ensure that his weekend golfing trip took precedent over any of that. The biggest one of them all I didn’t even mention. Puerto Rico. Residents of the Island are dying. Puerto Rico is without basic items like food, water, diesel fuel, and power. Over 75% of the Island is still without power. No power means that places like hospitals can easily become morgues and graveyards. With patients depending on electricity to stay alive, one should expect the situation and the citizens to be filled with anger over the slow response of FEMA. The problem doesn’t seem to be a lack of supplies, as CNN(@cnn) did an interview with a supervisor at the shipping docks in front of huge shipping containers full of supplies that had been sent to Puerto Rico from various places around the world. The problem seems to be with the distribution of those supplies. The supervisor at the shipping docks said there aren’t enough truck drivers available to distribute the supplies. Some Puerto Rican officials have blamed the condition of the Island’s roads for the delay. San Juan’s Mayor Carmen Yuliz Cruz has a different theory. Mayor Cruz blames the leadership and it’s unpreparedness for the delays. Media tours of the Island show that Mayor Cruz may be onto something. Even though FEMA has between 2500 – 5000 volunteers on the ground and ready to go, there seems to be a holdup coming from the people in charge. Mayor Cruz says that she was asked to fill out extensive paperwork and even told to fill out the paperwork online if she wanted to get aid for her people. Fill out the paperwork online? Over 75% of the Island has no power. How was she supposed to get online? With her cell phone? CELL PHONES ARE NOT WORKING IN PUERTO RICO EITHER. I know what you’re going to say. Maybe she should drive somewhere that they have power and get online. Two things. Number-1 The roads are in horrible condition. Number-2 Where would you get gas for your car from? In a situation like this, gas is one of the first things that become very difficult to obtain. Watching her people die day after day….hell, hour after hour, and feeling like there was no other alternative, Mayor Cruz turned to the media reporting from the Island to beg for help for her people…from anywhere. She took to the airwaves day after day and night after night to beg for help from the outside world for her people. Not one time did she claim that the United States or Donald Trump weren’t doing anything for the Island. As a matter of fact, Mayor Cruz went out of her way to praise the FEMA volunteers who were on the ground and ready to work. She expressed her concerns that the leadership were not organized and did not seem to recognize the dire situation that Puert Rican residents found themselves in. Mayor Cruz wasn’t the only person to go on television and express these same concerns. Many citizens inside and outside of Puerto Rico had these same concerns and went on television to say so. Including actress Rosie Perez who broke down in tears while speaking on the situation on the Island. The Trump administration and FEMA officials saw things another way. Trump, the administration, and FEMA officials back home in the USA went on television to praise the Trump administration for it’s rapid response and the great job they were doing on the Island. Facts tell a different story though. Facts say that it was at least a week before any aid was sent to Puerto Rico by the United States government. Facts say that the administration initially sent a one-star General down to the Island to take command of the situation and the troops on the ground. Only in the last two days did the government send a three-star General to the Island. Facts say that it was only two days ago that Donald Trump temporarily put a halt to the Jones act. A law that prevented foreign ships from docking or even stopping at Puerto Rico’s ports. That meant aid by sea could not come from most places other than the United States. Even if other Countries wanted to help. In fact, the Jones Act being enacted for so many years is probably one of the things that prevented the Island of Puerto Rico from flourishing, as the law limits the amount of goods coming into the Island from the outside world. Just my opinion, but anyway, like always, Trump makes an enemy out of anyone who doesn’t outright praise him for everything. And once again, the United States president took to Twitter to go after San Juan’s mayor for not praising him.
Instead of taking the opportunity to prove that he is a leader, Trump once again proves why he is not. A leader rallies people in a way that makes people  want to see him succeed. The way that you do that is by sharing responsibility when things go right, and placing the blame squarely on your own shoulders when things go wrong. People will appreciate what you’ve done for them, either way. This makes people want to rally to your every cause. Trump doesn’t get this. He never will. His ego won’t allow for him to even consider that he did not do something perfectly. He doesn’t have people around him who are, or even try to be honest. He has ass-kissers around him 24 hours a day. Ass-kissers who will tell him that he is right, even though the whole world can see that he is clearly wrong. This is why his first reaction to hearing anything that doesn’t praise him is outrage, and to lash out at that person. With so many ass-kissers in the midst agreeing and praising everything you do, it’s hard to even imagine that you could ever do anything wrong. Plus, Donald Trump is just not a good person. Clearly. What kind of person kicks someone when they are down? That’s the type of thing our parents scolded us for when we were five years old. This is a lesson that Trump’s parents obviously never taught him. That, or either he never bothered to pay attention when the lesson was being taught. Donald Trump is not a good person. Donald Trump doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t directly concern him, or work in his favor. This person has no empathy or sympathy in his heart for anyone other than close business associates, money, and a few in his family. A leader needs these qualities along with grace and class, if he hopes to one day be a great leader. Trump doesn’t care about being a great, or even good leader. Trump’s only concern is money. It has to make one wonder about themselves if they can find a way to support and defend such a person.   capture+_2017-09-30-10-14-221143279040..png

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