Royal Caribbean Cruise Line has canceled its September 30th Adventure Of The Seas Trip so it can send the ship to Puerto Rico to help it’s residents in the relief efforts. The Adventure Of The Seas ship will be sent to Puerto Rico to deliver supplies. The ship will also transport Puerto Rico’s evacuees to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The ship will then make another trip back to the Island next week. The cruise ship holds 3800 people. They plan to bring aid to San Juan, St. Croix, and St. Thomas. The Adventure ship arrived in Puerto Rico’s capital, San Juan on Wednesday. A huge population of Puerto Rico is still without power and drinking water. Royal Caribbean is donating water, medical supplies, and more. The company has helped to transport more than 1700 people thus far. Royal Caribbean also plans to donate over $1 million to help with hurricane relief.



It would be wrong to just mention Royal Caribbean’s contributions and not the contributions of other cruise lines.


Norwegian Cruise Lines has donated over $600,000 to hurricane relief and will donate another $1.25 million to All Hands & Happy Heart Fund’s efforts.


Carnival Cruise Lines has used 11 of their ships to bring supplies to the Caribbean.


It’s good to see that so many companies have took it upon themselves to help those in need. Hopefully more big companies will follow suit in the wake of these recent hurricanes.

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