You can’t say that 30 year old Crystal Harris married 91 year old Hugh Hefner for the money. Mirror Celeb (@mirrorceleb) reports that 30 year old Harris signed an “iron-clad” prenup before marrying the multi-millionaire owner of Playboy Enterprises. Harris also will never be added to Hefner’s will. The former playmate of the year won’t be included in the will, but it’s reported that Harris will be “looked after” following Hefner’s death. Who will be “looking after” her? What does “looking after” consist of? Who exactly is doing this “looking after?” Your guess is as good as mine. One thing seems pretty certain though, Crystal Harris probably didn’t have money on her mind when she married Hefner back in 2012.



Crystal and Hugh Hefner began dating way back in 2009. Crystal was 22 years old and Hef was 82 when they started dating. The two got engaged in 2010. Crystal’s engagement ring reportedly cost $90,000. Crystal was featured on Playboy’s cover in 2011. The couple seems to have had some history. This wasn’t a relationship where the two barely knew one another before they married. In my opinion this was love. Even though Crystal signed a prenup, and on paper won’t receive a dime, it’s still possible that Hefner and Crystal made a private side agreement between themselves. I doubt if money will ever be an issue for Crystal Harris. Not only was she a model, she also made and released an album titled “Pick Up Lines.” Crystal is also a travel blogger.

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