Just days after Dwayne Wade and the Chicago Bulls agreed to a buyout, Wade has reportedly signed a one year, $2.3 million deal with the Cleveland Cavs. Wade will rejoin his friend, and former Miami Heat teammate Lebron James down in Cleveland. The 35 year old Wade will also share the court with newly signed Isiah Thomas and Jae Crowder, also Tristan Thompson, J.R. Smith, and Kevin Love. The Cavs look pretty good on paper. How that transfers to the court could be a whole other thing. With three new pieces to the puzzle, it will surely take the Cavs a little time before the chemistry takes form. Who will have the ball in their hands to take the final shot with the clock running down? Who will be willing to sacrifice being the star player on the team, and possibly playing time, for the sake of the team’s chemistry? That’s if it needs to come to that. Would Wade be willing to come off of the bench and lead the second unit, or will that be JR Smith’s new role? Don’t forget. The Miami Heat did not win the championship the first year they put the super team of Wade, Bosh, and Lebron James together. If my memory serves me correctly, they lost a lot of games they should’ve won that year around the time that they were still trying to figure out what the chemistry of the team was. Maybe this will be different. Maybe these players will mesh and gel right away. I don’t know. The one thing I do know is, whatever this team is going to do, it has to do it now. I doubt if you will see these same players back with the Cavs next season. Isiah-maybe, Love-50/50, Thompson-maybe, Smith-50/50, Wade & James-highly doubt it.

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