You remember that saying “you will never be able to please all of the people all of the time?” I think the Cowboys found out how true that saying was last night. In the midst of Donald Trump’s statements about football players who don’t stand up during the National Anthem being “son of a bitches”, the 32 NFL teams decided to display a show of team unity all weekend. Before Sundays games, some players stood for the anthem, some kneeled, some locked arms together, while some decided to sit out the whole thing and stay in the locker room during the singing of the National Anthem. However any particular person felt about what each individual player decided to do during the Anthem, one thing was apparent: EVERYONE WAS WATCHING. So when the Dallas Cowboys and Arizona Cardinals took the field before the final game of week 3 on Monday night, all eyes were on the two participants to see what they would do.



All day there was speculation about what America’s team would do, or if they would do anything at all. The Dallas Cowboys always do everything different, so why would we think Monday night was going to be anything but…..different? The entire Dallas Cowboys team, including owner Jerry Jones, locked arms and took a knee together, before Jordan Sparks sang a beautiful rendition of the National Anthem. The crowd booed loudly. After briefly taking a knee, the Cowboys locked arms and stood together as Ms. Sparks sang the National Anthem. I’m an Eagles fan. Have always been, and will always be. With that being said, I hate everything about the Dallas Cowboys, and I will be the last person on this earth to give them credit for anything! Even still, I can’t help but admit that the idea the Cowboys came up with was genius. In a world based in common sense, empathy, and respect for one another’s opinions, the move last night by the Dallas Cowboys would’ve been the perfect solution to pleasing everybody. They showed unity, yet still stood for the singing of the National Anthem. These are the two things that most people have been asking for. One way or the other. BUT, as we know, we don’t live in that sensible world. No matter what you do, you will never make EVERYONE happy. It’s almost a ridiculous thought to even think. YORK BOUND ENT. ran a poll during last night’s game to see what the people of Twitter thought about it.


How do you feel about Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys taking a knee together prior to the singing of the National Anthem?

A. It was appropriate 59%

B. It was disrespectful 25%

C. Should’ve kneeled during 13%

D. Still hate the Cowboys 3%

32 votes


That 3% for “still hate the Cowboys” was most likely only one vote. Me! As of the time of writing this, the poll is still up and running on YORK BOUND ENT’S Twitter page (@yorkbound932) there’s still time to get your vote in. Oh, by the way, the Cowboys won that game last night 28-17 in a come from behind victory. Arizona started strong, but fell apart as the game went on. The Cardinals are in desperate need of help on the offensive line, so I won’t put all of the blame on Carson Palmer, but he does get some of the blame. He threw some horrible passes and took some sacks that he didn’t really need to take.

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