Ten top tier collegiate individuals in college basketball, including four assistant coaches and Adidas sneaker company, are all facing federal charges. Including bribery, fraud, and a long list of corruption charges. As reported by The New York Times (@nytimes) The United States Attorney said in a statement that since 2015 the FBI and federal prosecutors have been investigating “the criminal influence of money on coaches and student-athletes who participate in intercollegiate basketball governed by the NCAA”



The investigation has revealed “numerous instances” of bribes paid by athlete advisers, among others, to assistant coaches and sometimes to student-athletes at NCAA Division 1 Universities, the complaint said. The bribes were designed to get commitments from college stars to work with specific agents and companies after they turned pro, or to convince coveted high school players to attend certain Universities.  Among those charged was former NBA sharp shooter Chuck “Rifleman” Person, an assistant coach at Auburn, where he was also a star player. Person also played 13 seasons in the NBA. Most notably with the Indiana Pacers. Federal prosecutors warned other NCAA schools, coaches and affiliates, that “they already have their playbook” and “their coming for them.” The FBI’s two plus year investigation included wiretaps, informants, and other relevant sources. So, yeah they kind of do have the playbook.

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