Dwayne Wade is giving back about $8 million to get out of Chicago. It was announced yesterday that Wade and the Bulls both agreed to the terms, making the 35 year old Wade a free agent. The buyout makes the rumors of Wade reuniting with his friend and former teammate, Lebron James look a little more possible. This time the duo could possibly be united in Cleveland. Along with the Cavs, sources have sited Miami, San Antonio, and Oklahoma City as possible landing spots for D-Wade. Wade hinted to the Associsated Press (@AP) that his decision may be a quick one, or that something may already be in the works, when he said “I’m going to take tonight and some of tomorrow and speak to the teams and players that are on my list and take it from there.” Wade also added “My decision is a pure basketball decision, and I’ll makes the one that fits me best at this point in my career and with what I feel I have to offer a team that needs what I have to offer.” My guess is that Wade has already made the decision to join Lebron down in Cleveland, at least for one season. Who knows what the future holds after that. Where do you think Wade will end up?

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