If you picked almost any player from last night’s game on your fantasy football team this week you’re probably looking pretty good this morning. The San Francisco 49ers and the Los Angeles Rams scored a combined 80 points last night. The Rams ended up winning the game 41-39. The game was actually as good as the score. I don’t think anyone saw this coming from these two teams. The Rams came into this game 1-1 and the 49ers came into the game 0-2 and the only team in the NFL who had not scored an offensive touchdown yet this season. Of course that was before last nights game. The Rams had not been looking much better than the 49ers this year. The game was tight until the Rams pulled ahead by 15 points late in the 4th quarter, thanks to a missed extra point earlier in the game by the 49ers. Down 15 points late in the 4th quarter, the 49ers drove the length of the field to score a touchdow. Brian Hoyer found Trent Taylor with a nice pass in the end zone. Down 41-33, the 49ers kicked off to the Rams who fumbled deep in their own territory. The 49ers eventually scored on Caslos Hyde’s 1 yard TD run. Down 39-41 with 2:00 left on the clock, the 49ers decided to go for two. Hoyer’s pass was intercepted in the end zone by the Rams. With less than 2:00 on the game clock, the 49ers decided to go with an onside kick……which they recovered. At this point I think everybody was expecting one last drive by the 49ers and a game winning field goal as time expired on the game clock. That didn’t happen. The ending was kind of a let down compared to the build up. The 49ers went backward after recovering the onside kick. Two terrible holding penalties and one false start, set the Niners up with a 4th and 20. A sack by the Rams Eric Donald finally stuck a fork in the fighting 49ers.  A bit of a letdown, but still a hell of a game. Possibly the best game I’ve seen so far this season, and definitely the best Thursday night game I’ve ever seen, which are usually hot garbage.

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