Christopher Ricardo Gonzalez 18, was arrested in California Tuesday after he posted an “Instagram Live” video showing his location. Gonzalez was wanted in Dallas on charges of suspicion of murder, aggravated robbery, and engaging in organized crime. The Associated Press @AP, also reported that Gonzalez was on Texas’ 10 most wanted fugitives list. Gonzalez is accused of fatally shooting Horace Davis, 54, in Dallas last year. As of Tuesday, Gonzalez was still in custody in California and expected to be extradited back to Texas to face those charges, and a few others as well. I said this once before, and I’ll say it again, Social Media is not made for people who live illegal lifestyles. Social Media has become the best tracking device the police has ever had. Furthermore, they have to do very little work in tracking an individual, as people have become so accustomed to informing the whole world of their every move. I’m just saying…..

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