IS HE TRYING TO KILL US ALL? Trump makes speech in front of the UN and threatens North Korea….again

Days without being a national embarrassment: 0. He did it once again. As has become the norm, Donald Trump made a complete ass of himself when he opens his mouth….again. This time in front of an audience of United Nations delegates. Most of these members of the United Nations look to the United States for leadership and strength, and this is what our great Country choose to put in front of them.The people of the world probably think we are complete idiots if we have an idiot like this representing our Country. SMH As usual, Republicans and hardcore Trump supporters with their heads up their asses came out in support of the Idiot In Chief. It’s like having a man-child with the mentality of a 12 year old boy in control of our Country. (and our nuclear arsenal.) Instead of teaching the child right from wrong, or even scolding him for inappropriate behavior, the GOP encourages and applauds this behavior at every turn. The expectations of the office of the presidency, and the expectations of the president himself has been lowered to a level never seen before in this Country. Bad behavior has become the norm and complete idiocy has become totally acceptable. In the matter of nine short months, Donald Trump has managed to completely corrupt the morals of an entire nation. He’s managed to make criminal activity no big deal, racism completely normal, and the creation of your own “alternate reality” totally doable, even if the facts dispute it. With an army of idiot followers behind him there’s no limit to the lows this Country can achieve. I fear that when the people who are in a position to do something about this threat to the United States finally realize the dire danger we are in with this idiot at the helm and finally decides to take some action, it will be too late. Donald Trump has put the United States on a head on collision with war. What war? Civil? Nuclear? I don’t know. Beats the hell out of me. But Trump seems determined to place the United States in a war with someone or itself….my guess is North Korea. I don’t know how the man’s mind works, but my guess is that the reason he’s so thirsty for war is because war would be a welcomed distraction from the reality taking place around him. Robert Mueller and his Federal investigation is closing in on Trump and his cohorts. Trump believes war is his “get out of jail free card.” A get out of jail free card Donald Trump desperately hopes to obtain. Even if it comes at the cost of putting the Country and it’s people directly in harm’s way. While all of this is apparent to every person in the Country with a small bit of common sense and a functional free-thinking mind, the GOP are spending their time trying to pass another terrible Health Care reform bill. Because that’s what the Idiot In Chief wants them to do instead of doing what’s really best for this Country and impeaching this fool before he manages to kill us all.


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